What caught our attention over the past 365 days


We start in the first days of the new year with a traditional analysis of the texts most preferred by our readers. Undoubtedly, 2020 wasn’t like the others and the most searched word and topic in search engines was everything related to the coronavirus pandemic. Although in the summer we managed to take a break from the strict restrictions, nothing in the tourist and cultural life under the hills was normal. This was the reason why a large part of the content of the only online guide in Plovdiv was dedicated to interesting facts from the past and stories about iconic buildings. However, we all sincerely hope that 2021 will bring us many occasions for new texts and walks through neat restaurants, full bars like in the old days and creative events. Until then, read in the lines below what Plovdiv residents and guests of the city read the most:

In tenth place is the history of one of the four oldest living buildings under the hills. Orta Mezar was Turkish, Jewish, and today - unfortunately, only the walls protrude from it, as a sign of past times at the crossroads of two of the largest boulevards in Plovdiv. In recent years, it has become a shelter for homeless people and there was once again a fire station there a few days ago after a signal for a fire.

The ninth position is related to the consequences of the pandemic and the restaurants that didn’t open their doors after the first lockdown. Among them was one of the oldest restaurants under the hills, which hadn’t changed its name or purpose for a long time. We sincerely hope that when the measures are relaxed again, we won’t add to the article with more favorite and frequently visited places.

Following is a ranking that will delight all non-smokers under the hills. For it, we were provoked by an angry post on social media of a famous Sofia influencer. 10 restaurants in Plovdiv, which are... NON-smoking is a selection of restaurants recommended by us, in which we guarantee that in addition to enjoying a pleasant atmosphere and excellent food - you won’t feel the aroma of tobacco smoke or the accompaniment of a noisy orchestra even for a moment.

The seventh place is occupied by the article about the first handmade donuts in Plovdiv and Bulgaria. From the numerous posts and appetizing shots on Instagram, we understand that for many of you they have become a favorite temptation when you want to pamper yourself or just eat something appetizing during the day. The owners constantly surprise us with new recipes and we advise you never to miss them when they are on your way, because everything goes out extremely fast and if you wonder too much, there will be nothing left for you!

And when we write about delicious food, we can't help but come to our suggestions for six cool places to spend the night in Plovdiv. After the opening of the first location of the Mouse House concept - three double studios on a quiet street in Kapana in 2017, the project is now being developed with three more incredibly beautiful apartments in an independent 100-year-old house again in the top center of Plovdiv - at an intersection of the main pedestrian street.

Right in the middle of our ranking we go back in time and ask all of you if you know which is the oldest high school in Bulgaria. The history of today's Humanitarian High School St. St. Cyril and Methodius was prepared by the talented intern of Pod tepeto Daniela Kalcheva, who is also its graduate. We cannot help but be proud that once again the foundations of great deeds are being laid in Plovdiv.

The fourth position reveals interesting facts about the construction of one of the newer emblems of the city under the hills. The building with the tower above the Ancient Theater is also called the "Castle" and has served as a setting for several Bulgarian productions. From it you can see Plovdiv as in the palm of your hand and to this day it arouses interest among all tourists.

The bronze medal was proudly earned by the spa destinations around Plovdiv and since the places are currently open, we recommend that you take advantage of their work at a reduced capacity and relax after the holidays with a soothing massage.

In second place is our selection of 7 things that happened for the first time in Plovdiv, which we advise you to remember whenever you need a reason to be proud of your hometown.

And in first place in terms of the number of readings in this pandemic and certainly memorable year of 2020, it may not be surprising that it is our playful question. How many names of Plovdiv do you know? Because you can't live in one of the oldest cities in the world and not know its history and glorious past!