Top three of the most visited by teenagers places in the City of the Seven Hills.


Daniela Kalcheva, intern

Plovdiv is a city in which one can discover everything they’re looking for. From the breathtaking views of the hills to the refreshing walks in the park. There is something for everyone. Depends on what you’re looking for. Here we will introduce you to the top three of the most visited by teenagers places in the City of the Seven Hills.

The central park

It is no surprise to anyone that one of the most popular places of the younger generation is the Tsar-Simeon's Garden, also called the Green Heart of the City. It is suitable for dates, walks and recreation under the cool shade of the trees. The park is also preferred by skateboarders and roller skaters who spend their free time in riding and practicing their favorite hobby. Tsar-Simeon's Garden remains the most favorite place where one can sit with friends on a bench and spend a wonderful day outdoors in nature.

The multitude of fountains add an extra element of freshness to the park. While most people go to the Singing Fountains to enjoy the show, there are those who prefer the smaller, but no less beautiful fountains in the Tsar-Simeon's Garden. One such is that of the Greek goddess of agriculture Demeter. It is situated in a very peaceful and at the same time romantic place, attracting because of its cozy and relaxed atmosphere away from the noise of the main street and the more central part of the park.


The Spirit of Kapana conquers everyone who has stepped there. It is one of the places where, walking through the narrow meandering streets, you will encounter a lot of young people who, during their free time, meet friends and drink coffee in one of the cafes. With its atmosphere, Kapana attracts more and more tourists, who are struck by the magic and the specific spirit lurking there. Many vloggers from abroad say that the creative district is a must and that they will undoubtedly return there. Favorite places for young people are Cat and Mouse, Pavaj and Barabana. For them, teenagers say: "The atmosphere is relaxed, people are kind and positive. The places are perfect for relaxation, and for an evenings for fun! "

The mall

For young people nowadays, the malls are preferred for meetings. Everyone is attracted to the shopping centers in one way or another. For some, there's a store where they can find the pair of shoes they're looking for, for example. Others are attracted to screenings at the cinemas, and others are going there to talk with friends and eat something delicious and to spend an unforgettable day.

But what else are the young people doing? Selfies in the dressing rooms of some of the biggest brands are a popular activity among teenagers. And while some have fun, taking photos, others are queuing up to buy a movie ticket. It is not out of the ordinary to encounter strangely dressed people in the movie theaters. But don’t worry, you've probably bought a ticket for a blockbuster, and people with strange clothes are just fans pretending to be their favorite characters. Tell me, however, what is a mall if there is no bookstore? The Mall Plovdiv bookshop gives an extraordinary opportunity for loving readers to read a book while they are drinking their morning coffee or afternoon tea. In recent years, there has been a growing interest among younger generations in books. So let no one be surprised when they enter a bookstore and see a group of youngsters looking for their next read.