Among the tons of various products and festive offers, the team of Lost in Plovdiv will highlight several ideas that show true thoughtfulness

This time of the year has come again, when we rush around choosing the right gift for our loved ones. Among the tons of various products and festive offers, the team of Lost in Plovdiv will highlight several ideas that show true thoughtfulness.

We won’t take you to the big shopping centers, but to those people who make something with their hands and every gift can be unique and memorable.

Behind the Plovdiv La Malina brand stands a very nice lady who wants to present our hometown with her artistic talent and her personal perceptions. Magnets and cards are hand-painted and totally different as a concept from the mass items of this type. For her, as a city of artists, Plovdiv has to be presented with something more authentic and original. On her works, you can find both the popular and beloved places, which all the people of Plovdiv know, as well as the colorful elements that give color to her work. They are especially appropriate as a memory of the future European Capital of Culture and a gift on the eve of 2019. You can find them in tourist information centers, and now you can order a t-shirt, poster or a bag with a design from your favorite city.

Encaustics, or the art of painting with wax, is a technique with which each piece remains unique. It is extremely difficult to master because the paint is constantly heated and at the same time it has to be painted very quickly. There is no time for corrections and the first layer remains the last one. This is also a guarantee that every work will be unique. A fine card or unique painting can be ordered or purchased by one of the few masters of this technique - Dima Ivanova.

And what do you do when you want to bring light into someone's life? You give them a lamB. The artist is Philip, and his works are simple and elegant at the same time. Inspired by the minimalist style and beautiful cubic and geometric bulk forms. The lamBs are decorated with a variety of elements and accents from textiles, leather, and why not cement, but the base is made of wood. We guarantee that this is an original gift that will be a source of warm and pleasant emotions.

A bag full of beer and rakia... If you're wondering where - the place is craft beer bar Cat & Mouse, and the package under the tree for that friend who you party with until dawn is ready. Just choose your favorite bottle and... you don’t even have to specially pack it.

Our last suggestion may not be done by hand, but what we value in it is the care. In Baraka, you can find a huge variety of beauty products and perfumes that bring you among unique landscapes, magical colors, and fragrances. Their philosophy sees beauty as a perfect balance between the well-being of the body and the harmony of the spirit. We recommend them because they’re different from mass cosmetic offerings and they count on fewer but better quality products to ensure the origin of the raw materials as well as the use of packaging from recycled and recyclable materials.

Be sure to recall our suggestions from the previous holiday season and the gift wrapping tips. The only thing left for you is to be cheerful!