The most preferred places according to the platform compared to the recommendations of the only digital guide under the hills


One of our most popular topics is undoubtedly our selection of Top restaurants in Plovdiv. In it, our team has chosen the places they can personally recommend and visit frequently so that all readers can immerse themselves in the local atmosphere of the City under the hills and not get lost in the endless sea of online recommendations.

Of course, Trip Advisor is also a very favorite place to get information, especially from foreign tourists, when they come to an unknown destination and look for suitable places to sleep, eat or just visit.

Let's have a look at the top 10 restaurants together according to the reviews given on the platform and find out their preferences.

SKAPTOBARA 2 - The Plovdiv burgers restaurant of the Sofia chain opened its doors less than two years ago and according to recommendations in TripAdvisor it ranks first. Whether the people of Plovdiv and the guests of the city so much love and look for this American specialty, right in the heart of the oldest living city in Europe, is an interesting question we can ask. And what's your favorite sandwich there? An interesting fact is that SKAPTOBARA is the first and highest rating in Sofia, too...

Right next is the adventurous Smokini Restaurant, where everyone can find something for themselves and in their own culinary adventures manage to sense the spirit of good food prepared with attention and inspiration. The menu is enormously varied and the specialties prepared incredibly well combine tradition and innovation. We recommend the salad of the same name and the veal meatballs.

The bronze medal is for Pavaj, which, apparently, in the last year has been shifted from the first position. The menu is small in order to support the idea of fresh products. Here, you can find some of the most delicious ribs, veal cheeks, and Mimi Ivanova meatballs. The soup broths are prepared on the spot from the cooked meat without mixing with additives.

The ranking continues with Vino Culture, which, due to the fact that there are no separate categories in the tourist platform, is among the restaurants. In fact, our team would put it with the bars, because Vino Culture is a place where you can drink good wine and eat snacks, but not go on culinary feasts.

An honorable place in the middle of the ranking takes SOFRA, which is a popular place among the fans of Oriental cuisine. The food is delicious and fresh, their veal meatballs hardly find competition, and Beyti Kebab is an absolute must if you love exotic tastes.

The next place is for Hebros, which is a favorite of ours too. It is the bright emblem of the Slow Food movement not only in Plovdiv but also throughout Bulgaria. It is here that, in November 2004, the first in the country Slow Food club Old Town Plovdiv was established, a branch of the international movement. The restaurant is distinguished by its high class, exceptional cuisine and some details that will satisfy even the most discerning. Among our favorites are the amazing traditional mish-mash, the green bean stew, the chili peppers stuffed with cheese and parmesan, the frog legs and the snails with wild rice, the foiegras and, of course, the beef fillet with mushrooms and marinated garlic as well and the duck magret.

One of the new places in Plovdiv is ranked in the seventh position. Tams House opened its doors in the middle of 2018 but is definitely worth mentioning as one of the places that gained popularity with its original approach to culinary and presentation. Created to demonstrate the endless possibilities of creativity, knowledge, and aromas, Tams House features distinct aesthetics, style, and incredibly delicious food.

The eighth place, according to tourists, is for Le Petit Paris, which is just off the center and was part of a vote held on the Facebook page of our online guide two years ago. Do you have a favorite dish there?

Surprisingly, at the ninth position stands Hemingway, which has continued to surprise us in the past year with a more and more pleasant taste and excellent food. Chef Rosen Chakarov relies on the use of entirely Bulgarian products, many of them authentic meat delicacies and cheeses being produced specifically for the restaurant in small craft farms. In Hemingway, the view on gastronomy is broken by many different points of view, all of them unconventional. Try the fish and seafood, veal steaks or the duck. And don’t miss the foiegras.

The tenth position is for Atlas, which impresses with 3D mapping and central location. Eating their specialties, in the sophisticated setting on the second floor, guests are witnessing photorealistic scenes from the rich and ancient history of the Thracians who have lived in our lands for more than eight thousand years.

It is difficult to cover the most important places on the culinary scene within ten positions, especially in the European Capital of Culture 2019. There are new establishments opening all the time, changing concepts and we’re happy to notice that restaurants and bars offer more and more interesting concepts and menus.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills is always trying to inform you about everything new that is worth visiting and tell you in detail about every aspect that can often stay hidden in a single visit. Keep track of our posts on the website and social media and experience the city like a local.