Tourism after the easing of measures related to the coronavirus


Before the beginning of 2020, the plans of all of us were related to conquering new destinations and visiting countries near and far. We frantically booked plane tickets and tourist packages, without having the slightest idea that in just a few months the reality would make travel almost impossible.

As the pandemic grew and spread to every corner of the world, the tourism strategy of individual countries has changed radically. To date, not all countries have opened their borders, and for others there are entry requirements after testing or a quarantine period. In such a reality, most governments call for us to travel inward and rediscover the beauties of our own homeland.

We from the team of the only digital tourist guide under the hills are also adapting to the new situation and therefore offer you the benefits of choosing your own country for a vacation and a weekend getaway.

Purely psychological security                                                                  

Even on a psychological level, travelers tend to first go closer to home and visit local eateries, get to know the surroundings of the city in which they live, as well as feel at ease in a familiar environment.

Domestic tourism avoids crowding at airports and to a large extend the use of crowded vehicles. Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria has managed to maintain a relatively low level of morbidity, so here the restrictions are much looser.

Large selection of small accommodations

As early as 15.05, the small guest houses and apartment-type accommodation gradually began to open their doors. With them you can feel isolated enough from any other tourists. Increasingly, owners rely on contactless service, in which the keys are handed over through a special code safe, and payment is made online through the platforms or through bank accounts.

Many people also look for a kitchen/cooking area as a prerequisite, which is not a problem for them.


Another positive feature of domestic tourism is that you can easily adjust its duration. Bulgaria is extremely small, so you can use even one of your days off to escape the city. You don’t depend on flight schedules, and even the journey from one end to the other takes no more than 5-6 hours by car.


The advantage of domestic routes is that you pay in local currency and you can easily find your way around the accessible places if the goal is a budget holiday. In all tourist destinations there is a large selection of different price range hotels, apartments, restaurants and entertainment. The entrances of the landmarks are in the order of less than 10BGN, and most of the breathtaking areas in the mountainous and sea areas are free of charge. All you need are comfortable shoes and a passion for adventure.

Despite the worries related to the unknown situation, we are facing the time for summer vacations and trips. Take advantage of the warm sunny days and don’t be afraid to discover new places. Be careful, follow the instructions of the respective place where you are, but don’t deprive yourself of walks, and we will discover more new and interesting places to visit.