Can we spend a day in the creative district?

The trap is a device that we often associate with a narrow space, so it may be strange why the creative district became popular with that name. Urban folklore argues that this is because of the numerous small streets that intersect under different angles and create the feeling of a mini labyrinth in which only a minute of carelessness and you may get lost. And is it so... hardly anyone thinks twice about this because at the moment you get here you don’t mind staying forever!

That is why today we’ll walk through the old craft district and we’ll prove to you that we can safely spend the whole day. We’ll go to a few interesting places and do what the locals can do best – we’ll practice aylyak under the Filibe sky.

Staying in one of the hostels or guest houses and hotels around is an experience that has nothing to do with the atmosphere of large multi-storey giants and shiny facades. Almost every street has at least one door leading to a cozy place for sleeping and resting. Some of our recommendations can be found in our article on accommodation in Plovdiv, and we won’t hide our bias to Mouse House, where you won’t be tempted with a cheese, but with a design inspired by culture, arts and crafts in the area.

Here, it is full of life at all times, but in the morning there is always a sense of calmness - it seems as if everything comes to life only after 10 am. Yet there is always a place to have your morning coffee and breakfast. Take a freshly baked croissant, smelling of chocolate, from the bakery on the corner of the square and enjoy aromatic tea or coffee in the open. And if you need something more solid, pancakes are always a good idea! Breakfast should not be fast and on foot, because the weather seems to have stopped in the streets, and only the noise from the showcases will disturb the silence from time to time.

And when the day is in front of you, there is nothing better than to go aimlessly on the paved streets that will undoubtedly bring you to thousands of hidden shops, workshops, and bars.

Did you know that here is the oldest tea house? In the Tea House, among the hundreds of tea types, the choice isn’t easy, so it is best to let the owners recommend the most suitable for you and drink it on the spot or to go.

A few meters away is a bookstore that is not quite the same as the others. Here, as soon as you enter it seems as if you were sinking into the world of books and it would be a real pleasure for every book lover to dig through the many pages and covers.

It seems that it's time for lunch that can take you directly to France. How? One block down is the only French bistro in Bulgaria. Tart Flambe offers delicious specialties and lunch menus devoted to the concept of French cuisine.

After the big lunch, it’s time to go for a walk. Did you know that here you can find almost everything from handmade shoes to sportswear and accessories of popular brands, from Marukian hardware to electrical materials, handmade jewelry, postcards and creations to fabric stores, threads and buttons? There are also services like a lawyer and a dentist.

And when it's time for something sweet, choosing is not easy again. At Molle confectionery, the showcases are always full of tempting pastries, so we don’t advise you to come here hungry.

On the other hand, people who have dedicated themselves to a healthy lifestyle also have a solution. The Green Library is the place for vegans and vegetarians where the desserts are made with honey, natural sweeteners and can be combined with freshly squeezed juice or smoothie.

For fashion lovers in Kapana, many things can be found, too - from a fashion house where they sew unique outfits, to street style fashion and casual outfits that fit the whole atmosphere of the bohemian district.

And after tiring shopping, it's time to have dinner at one of the restaurants in the creative district. Apart from Bulgarian, French, original and innovative cuisine, there is also Lebanese restaurant, Oriental specialties, and Italian delicacies. And when it comes time for cocktails, wine, and beer, it won’t be easy again. The first craft beer bar Kotka i Mishka; DeGustoStation and Glass of Wine bars, recommended by Zina, and a step aside - killer cocktails and nightclubs where the party goes on almost until the early morning, all of which can be found in the most colorful district of the city under the hills.

This is Kapana! Several streets with craft names, where furriers and tailors are long gone, but now are filled with noise, joy, freshness, and colors. The perfect place to “get lost” in Plovdiv!