Evil spirits, scary zombies, bloodthirsty vampires, witches and fairy tale characters will come out of their hiding places to take over the streets of Plovdiv

Evil spirits, scary zombies, bloodthirsty vampires, witches and fairy tale characters will come out of their hiding places to take over the streets of Plovdiv. Halloween under the hills is as spooky as it is funny. Take your costumes and choose one of the terrifying parties selected from the best guide of Plovdiv. Or make an improvised pub crawl and visit them all!

Party in the monsters’ bar

The party in BASQUIAT, the monsters’ bar expects all drunk, sober, funny, scary, toothed, squint-eyed, scabby, ugly, beautiful, dressed-up and not so much, flying, crawling, talking, hissing, shaggy, combed, creatures of good or evil, witches, goblins, zombies, chickens, gnomes, angels, devils… In a nutshell, come to the bar to get HAMMERED!!!

7 pm

The Night of the Bloody Fairy

Пускаме на свобода #КърваватаФея от дълбините на неизвестното. В тази вариация на коктейла Блъди Мери, барманите използват абсент вместо водка, превръщайки го в по-комплексен и изтънчен. Коктейлът Блъди Мери често е цитиран като чудесно средство срещу махмурлук, а #абсентът - традиционно е бил лекарство. Използвайки и миксирайки тези две идеи заедно, получаваме Кървава фея - опитвайки я всеки се "лекува" сам със собствената си доза. Първите 13 човека получават безплатен шот от #КърваватаФея, а зад грамофоните ще застанат Pikebass и Visitor Q.

We are releasing the #BloodyFairy from the depths of the unknown. This variation of the Bloody Mary uses absinthe instead of vodka, turning it into a more complex and sophisticated concoction. Bloody Mary has often been cited as a great hangover cure and #Absinthe was traditionally a medicine. Put those two ideas together and we get a Bloody Fairy where one self-medicates one’s own ‘dose’. First 13 ppl get a free shot of the #BloodyFairy and behind the turntables will stand
Pikebass & Visitor Q!

Absinthe House
9 pm

Fabric Halloween Night

Fabric Bar Plovdiv ви кани на традиционното си лудо Хелоуин парти и ви очаква с поредните щури превъплъщения и шокиращи костюми! Веселбата продължава до полунощ, а след това купонът се мести в култовия нощен бар No Sense!

Fabric Bar Plovdiv invites you to its traditional madly Halloween party and awaits you with crazy incarnations and shocking costumes! The fun will last until midnight, and then the party moves into the cult classic No Sense!

Fabric Bar
6 pm

The Waling Drunk

All monsters will be able to choose special nocturnal cocktails and shots at the No Sense Halloween Party. There will be a make-up artist. The music will be courtesy of The No Sense Ghouls. There will be a surprise for everyone in costumes.

No Sense
10 pm

Halloween BEER Party

Our favorite bar Cat and Mouse invites you to a different Halloween Beer Party! They have prepared a selection of themed beers, which you can try only on the night of the 31st! Expect English, Austrian and American hops potions! The spirits of the beers have prepared special games for you!

Cat and Mouse
7 pm


This year, Hallowine will be unique with the wine surprises at Groove Coffee Gallery. Mulled wine, wine cocktails, Bloody Mary, Bloody Hammer ... as well as some classic cocktail with absinthe to make it even more interesting. Wednesday - with a headache!

Groove Music&Art
8 pm


At the theme Halloween ToMato party they won’t welcome you with ‘trick or treat’ at the door but they’ll hope you come with scary costumes and unrecognizable masks and makeup. It will be a bit dark, a bit scary… There will be surprises for the most original Halloween costumes! There will be lots of pumpkins for decoration and many for eating in a special extra menu for the event.

8 pm

Halloween with Monster Karlo

On Halloween bar Gramophone will be taken over by spirits, zombies, monsters and fairy-tale characters who will come out of their hiding places to dance under the chilling sounds of horror punk, psychobilly surf and terrifying swing! The music selection is in the hands of a real monster behind the turntable - Monster Karlo, and you are expected masked to unrecognizable! There will be bloody shots and many other surprises and offers at the bar.

10 pm
Free entry


Pope Gregory IV mixed it in 835, since then they remix it... Keeping out the evil spirits with dancing and merry drinking for grace!

Images: Collages of horror films from the team of Plovdiv Cinema Club
Music: Common Future and friends
Dress code: baked pumpkin and sugar apples

For fans of horrors: Start at 7.30 pm with Discussion: Halloween (1978) + at Plovdiv Cinema Club.

Club Fargo
9 pm

All Men Must Drink

The new music and entertainment area in Plovdiv - Podleza Bar&Fun - will transform its bar to a thematic Game of Thrones party in collaboration with Rosen Chepilski from the Drama Theater, also known as Matito Pohoron from a mono spectacle of Kamen Donev. There will be white walkers, a throne, smoking cocktails, and free table football.

Podleza Bar&Fun
9 pm
Free entry

Pumpkin party

Pumkin party is a different event for All Saints feast. A casual gathering that doesn’t oblige you to prepare costumes and makeup. After a long day of work, you can try out thematic pumpkin foods and beverages.

7 pm

*Wherever you end up at the spooky night, don’t forget to take pictures and share them with #lostinplovdiv