“If you aren’t looking for anything, you’ll find it here”




We are convinced that you have passed by the playful sign with the inscription in the already closed part of Otets Paisii Street. And if you aren’t from here, be sure to do so. 10 years from its opening, the cute little shop is still like a chest with hidden treasures for all visitors. The owner is a person with a great sense of humor and you can often find catchy notes on the door. He started to sell as if as a joke, buying new products from various online auctions and reselling them at good prices.

"Take pictures, it won't be any tidier," he says when he finds out we want to take a look, and we totally sink into a sea of ​​items. There’s literally much from everything - T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, leather bags and belts, shoes, toys, and tech gadgets, all the way to video games. This is not a place to come with a prepared list, but rather you have to be of the mind that there is something right there for you. Don't worry about squatting, touching, and turning your head on all sides, because almost every square inch is filled with a variety of items. The whole space is absolutely free to browse and be sure that no one will look angrily at you because you interrupted their coffee break and chit-chat in front of the store.

And to prepare you in advance for where to look, from the team of the only digital guide under the hills has prepared a photo walk for anyone with a keen eye to discover treasures, even through the screen.