Forget about the traditional banquets and find out some more creative ways to have fun


It’s December and the working routine gradually gives way to the festive excitement. More and more companies organize a variety of activities to unite the team and enjoy themselves not only in a work environment. Fortunately, this is no longer limited to traditional banquets, big meals and mandatory speeches, but with much more creative ways of entertaining.

Painting with wine

We have already told you about one of the most colorful places under the hills, where everyone creates their own art - Dali Vino Art Gallery. And it also turns out to be a great way to relax with colleagues. Just pick a favorite painting and you can arrange catering, extra drinks and all kinds of cool party options around it. From personal experience, we claim that the hours go by unnoticed and a glass of wine is never enough. You can even make an exhibition at your workplace after, or challenge yourself and paint a common canvas, with a detail for each of you. The Salvador Dali of the Month Contest or a contest for the most abstract drawing are also possible ways to lift your spirits and turn drawing into real fun.

Wine/beer tasting

Surely, work time will pass faster if you then have a drink and a tasting of new flavors. Whether you prefer wine, beer or whiskey, you can always arrange your favorite tasting in a narrow or a wider range. Some drinks will be selected for you to try with your colleagues and choose your favorite. Usually, they will also offer you a snack, and if you do it on a Friday night, the party can safely continue until dawn.


And if in the office you aren’t fans neither of drinking nor drawing, board games are the right choice for your team. Specialized places have opened in Plovdiv in several places where you will find a huge selection. Offline Café is one of them, and the owner Deyan has been keeping a website for many years with reviews of the most recent game titles. They will help you relax, forget about everyday life for a moment and bond with an unexpected ease with the people around the table. CoolDown is another place where you will find a wide range of games, even computer and VR options. And for a real tournament, we suggest you choose a Sjoelbak race. Sjoelbak, also known as Dutch Shuffleboard, is played in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the Lowlands, duels are organized every year, which attract a lot of audience. These can also be arranged at the Cat and Mouse beer bar, where they will explain the rules and details on the spot.

Are you ready for a crazy evening with your colleagues?