Vartan and Gennadi's venture is like a ray of light in the creative district and a true inspiration for anyone who appreciates art


Opening a new place other than a bar or restaurant in Kapana is truly priceless. At a time when several businesses gave way to bars and restaurants, two childhood friends decided to take a chance, and last fall they opened a real gem in the district.

Vartan and Gennadi have always been involved in and inspired by art, so VAGE Gallery is not a completely impulsive initiative, but probably a quite logical development of one of their passions and dreams. They found their premises through a close friend and took it as a sign that with their idea they can contribute to the appearance of Kapana - the way they like it. For them, the area is not only a place to sit down to eat and then drink a cup of coffee or a cocktail but also an opportunity to get lost in the small streets and find real treasures in the small craft workshops and galleries. And that's exactly how we felt when we crossed the threshold and entered directly into the world of Salvador Dali and Christo.

Vage Gallery decided to bet on familiar names and authentic works by Salvador Dali, Christo, Picasso, Leonard Foujita, Albrecht Dürer, Martin Schongauer, Jacques Callot, and others. Their focus is on works of art representing multiple eras and trends dating from the 16th century to the time of classical modern art in the 20th century.

The place is small and very well-arranged, with the idea being that it is not cluttered so that the eye can calmly enjoy each work and feel through its perception of the world its energy and value.

The right wall is reserved for Salvador Dali and quickly catches the eye with its expressiveness and eclectic style, but we guarantee that nothing here is to be missed. Each selected work tells its unique story and awakens different emotions in us, and a curious fact is that the oldest one dates back to 1629.

The most exciting thing for any art connoisseur is that they can buy and take home the work that touched them and thus preserve the feeling that it awakens in them.

Vartan or Genadi are always in the gallery and with their positive energy and vast range of knowledge will surely help in the selection and reveal more interesting facts and stories about the works and their authors. They say that initially people approach timidly and most of their visitors and customers come from referrals, but the place is worth a visit, even if only for a moment to escape from your everyday life and immerse yourself in a magical world of graphics, paintings and artistic installations by world-renowned names in art.

Address: 15 Yoakim Gruev St