Those are the restaurants that the guide recommends

Thanks to the increasing popularity of healthy lifestyle many vegetarian and vegan restaurants, juice bars and health shops have emerged in our city and some establishments have added a vegan menu to their main one. This makes things considerably easier for the fans of such diets and although the choice isn’t that wide yet, we hope the trend would continue. Here are the places where you can try vegetarian and vegan cuisine:


This is one of the first vegan places in Plovdiv and probably the most popular one. Veggic offers a great variety of tasty healthy foods – there are new items in the lunch menu every day! The atmosphere is pleasant and the service is good. They use selected high- quality products in the kitchen – seasonal fruits and veggies, different kinds of beans and lentils, chickpeas, soy, einkorn, quinoa, buckwheat, rice and others. You can try raw or gluten-free specialties and vegan cheeses there, or combine your coffee with plant milk or a tempting dessert.

Country Life

Another great place in downtown Plovdiv where lovers of vegan cuisine can enjoy health food at reasonable prices. The atmosphere in Country Life is quiet and cozy and the staff is polite. There are interesting things in the lunch menu – warm soups, big salads, vegetable patties, stews, tasty pies, pudding, cakes and nice cream in the summertime. They often organize health lectures, cooking classes and workshops there.

Green Lemon

This is one of the newest vegan fast food places in Plovdiv and it is no surprise at all how it quickly it won its fans. The Green Lemon attracts customers with a cozy and modern interior and varied and tasty good. Besides taking advantage of the lunch menu you can also try energizing fruit and vegetable smoothies, juices and shots there or buy some quality products.


Vitafix is more of a juice bar but there are a lot of vegan options there. Committed to the idea of offering health “the best way”, they make fresh natural and healthy foods and drinks without artificial colorings, aromas and additives.

Restaurant Odeon

Sometimes you can find vegan temptations at the most unexpected places. The restaurant at Odeon hotel is not vegetarian but it is in this list because it has a vegan menu. They’ve set apart a whole page for it which is absolutely enough for such an establishment.

Vino Culture

A charming place in downtown Plovdiv for wine lovers. It is not a restaurant but it offers hors d'oeuvres and you can combine your drink with vegan tapas if you'd like.

Plovdiv Farmer’s Market connects consumers and producers. Every Saturday at Total Sport plovdivers can find a variety of fresh foods – bio fruits and vegetables, bread, jars of homemade jam and lyutenitsa, tea, spices, wine and vegan food.

Be Fresh Bio

Be Fresh Bio’s purpose is to popularize and establish healthy lifestyle and eating and we can say that it succeeds so far. Their menu is created for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists in a way that meets the needs of everyone who has decided to eat healthy. At the moment the place only sells takeaway with pre-order and free delivery.