The whole space is like Aladdin's cave, full of all kinds of finds, and in addition to beautiful furniture and accessories for the home, we guarantee that you will find friends here


It all started in 2021, when a group of friends decided to finally return to Bulgaria after many years of studying and working abroad. None of them had experience in the furniture industry, but the design and arrangement of homes and the many rentals proved to be a serious passion. In combination with the fact that, on a personal level, they didn’t find what they were looking for for their own homes either in Plovdiv or elsewhere in the country, they decided that something new and different was needed. They believe that everything happens at the right time and their chance wasn’t late, but was presented to them at the right moment. They quickly managed to discover their new hobby and turn it into a real vocation, in which there is both creativity and sales and communication skills. Their mission under the hills is to create coziness with furniture and accessories, unique in appearance and nature, to bring warmth to our homes. Their real advantage, however, is not only the variety of products offered, but the overall feeling of positive emotions that a visit to the place brings to their customers. Communication is the main driver of the Via Déco furniture store. The balance in their own relationships, combined with the attitude towards the customers, who are welcomed like old friends, is the key to the success of this place, which has been blooming in Plovdiv for more than two years now.

At Via Déco you don't need to know what you're looking for, it doesn't matter if you're just browsing or just after some inspiration - here you'll always be greeted warmly, never sullenly, offered something to drink and be let to sink in in the literal land of treasures. It wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself in the middle of some very interesting conversation and leave the store with a feeling of ease, even if you didn't buy anything. And some of the customers come precisely for this reason!

You never know exactly what will be available in the store at any given moment and this is the ultimate thrill for all bargain hunters who keep coming back to add something new and remarkable to their home. You may not be able to furnish everything at once, but you will surely come back for more and more.

The furniture and accessories are imported from France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and other countries and are available at the time of purchase. There's no need to wait for shipping or fabrication, or look elsewhere. You directly load your purchase in your own vehicle or arrange delivery, which is kindly provided by the store team at a time convenient for the customer. All furniture is new and return ware, as well as items that have small defects, which the store team has turned with a lot of care and love into effects. All the items that are offered are in limited quantities and with a guarantee that you can give your home a unique and characteristic look. They are a combination of different styles: boho, vintage, industrial, classic, etc. and they are by no means sterile, boring and impersonal. At the same time, they are absolutely compatible with each other, and if you have difficulties with the vision - you can always get ideas on the spot. The team says that it often happens that one of them is invited to the client's home to create the most impressive design together.

In addition, there is also the possibility of ordering from a catalog of a large Spanish brand, a leading name in the industry. Solid wood, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, durable metal and unusual but impressive designs that you choose according to your own taste and preferences. In this case, however, it is important to note that there is a delivery time as the items are delivered directly from Spain.

A part of the store is also set aside as a kind of creative workshop. There, the team's inspiration is expressed in the form of making furniture, which is then offered for sale under their own Via Déco Origin brand, which includes modular sofas, couches and armchairs, desks and tables. The design and making of the upholstered furniture is entirely the work of Mitko, who invests long hours in developing and recreating his ideas. Itso, on the other hand, is the man who can create an entire bar in one afternoon when he is struck by a sudden inspiration, so inherent to him. Kotse is the craftsman who makes furniture from solid wood, combining resistance and precision. All this, including the creation of the bases and the sewing of the damasks, is done on site, and every customer can witness the creative atmosphere that reigns in this workshop. We, at Lost in Plovdiv, were also extremely impressed with the pallet kitchen they created to decorate the space and it fits perfectly with their philosophy of recycling and breathing new life into seemingly useless and unnecessary things. Something highly appreciated by the customers as well, as by the time the article was published, the kitchen in question had found its new permanent home.

The male half of the team has support from the fair sex. Geri is the one who makes the store feel cozy as soon as you step through the door. Her inspiration is expressed through her attention to detail and her innate talent for transforming not only interiors but also decorations that need a dose of freshness to beautify one's home.

Mary is like the fairy who captures the spirit and the mood and depicts them with her magic wand in the form of words and images and shares the magic of Via Déco in all its dimensions on the store's social networks.

The magic happens precisely because each member of the team has their exact place in this ecosystem and they are like the pieces of a puzzle and the picture is complete when they all combine their qualities and skills.

And to this entire palette of offers, accessories are the other part of the interior that can always bring a dose of uniqueness. Here, the selection includes both exotics from the East and offers made in Bulgaria, and we assure you that the selection can take hours. Every selected thing in the store creates the feeling of coziness, home and individuality. You can even stock up on unusual eco-products to help you grow into a new and environmentally friendly way of life.

The arrival of a new truckload of goods is like Christmas not only for the team but also for their eager regular customers. None of them know what treasure is hidden in the boxes, and that's a big part of the thrill that accompanies the work process. The place literally turns into a true find corner, where everyone finds what grabs their attention at first sight. Some things don't even make it to the online page or the brand's social networks, but are snapped up in minutes.

At Via Déco, they rely on natural materials and sustainability in production and consumption. Everyone on the team believes that with small steps each of us can be the Big Change the world needs right now and many of their items allow you to pick up something beautiful, with high quality and massive at affordable prices and with boutique craftsmanship. Each month, a percentage of the turnover is donated to charitable initiatives through their own non-governmental organization The School of Life Foundation, and they personally actively participate in a number of social causes and campaigns.

There is definitely a "hunger" for the different in our city, and Via Déco is increasingly positioning itself as the space where you can discover what is for you yourself, and no one else will have it. Because only things chosen with the heart bring happiness and delight!

Address: "Byalata Vodenitsa 6" No. 1 (Markovski Road, on the Plovdiv sign)

Facebook: Via Deco