We’ll tell you a little more about how they gradually became a symbol of elegance, excellent taste and a boutique experience under the hills.


We’ve already told you about the incredible transformation of an old cigar factory into a five-star hotel and fine dining restaurant at the very opening, and today we’ll immerse ourselves in the aroma of leather, history and papyrus 2 years later.

Just a few days ago, Vizualiza Residence Hotel and Valere Restaurant celebrated their second birthday with a sophisticated party, and we’ll tell you a little more about how they gradually became a symbol of elegance, excellent taste and a boutique experience under the hills.

With its location alone - perched high above Main Street in the tranquility and greenery next to Sahat Tepe, but at the same time in close proximity to the center, the Old Town and all the most popular restaurants and places to visit - Vizualiza takes us to one of the most pleasant spots in Plovdiv.

The interior is impressive and is the perfect blend of classic 19th century style and modern luxury that is sure to leave every visitor spellbound. Over 50 unique works of art by international and Bulgarian artists, can be found along the corridors. This rich selection certainly creates a unique atmosphere and manages to perfectly represent the art spirit of Plovdiv.

The hotel has over 40 accommodation units, most of them with one of the most impressive views of Old Plovdiv - the breathtaking Ancient Theater of Philippopolis, the Three Hills with their Revival houses can be seen from above. The rooms are elegantly and modernly furnished with the highest class of furniture, combining timeless aesthetics and impeccable functionality.

For these two years, Vizualiza Residence Hotel can proudly boast of thousands of guests from all corners of the globe, who remain always fascinated by the combination of respect for cultural heritage, innovative vision and excellent service and attention to the smallest detail.

An integral part of the five-star experience here is undoubtedly the Valere gourmet restaurant, which quickly took its rightful place among the top-level establishments not only in Plovdiv, but also in the country.

The owners, Melissa and Todor, are well-known on the culinary scene under the hills and each of their endeavors is a guarantee of the highest quality and gourmet dishes with an original touch and in the highest form of execution. Their guidance here is on one of the latest trends in haute cuisine, namely terroir cooking. It pays ever deeper respect to the local product coming from the area around us, pure, of noble origin, of clear ancestry, from small farms, expressing the place and the traditions.

All these factors turned out to be the biggest prerequisite for Vizualiza Residence Hotel and Valere Restaurant to be noticed by specialized tour agencies and guides from Australia, the USA and Europe, who are looking to offer their customers a boutique destination with a multi-level experience: history , culture, cuisine, luxury and tranquility in the very heart of the oldest living city in Europe.