For their tenth edition, the event's ideologues have taken a different approach to organizing


In these turbulent times, not only nationally but also globally, an event beloved by many decided to pass on its fate to its visitors. For 10 years now, the Wake Up! Association has been organizing events for like-minded people who believe in an environmentally friendly way of life. All this time, the organization and the people behind it are transforming, experimenting with inspiration and believing that anything is possible. Most of their activities are focused on the shared economy - models of contemporary sharing of goods, services and ideas. For this purpose, various cultural events are prepared - workshops, seminars, lectures, trainings, exhibitions, musical entertainment and many others, whose main focus is education for sustainable socio-economic development. There are already many places where young people get together and create and discuss ideas, and a community holiday has been running for ten years in a row - Wake Up! - Experiment.

Wake Up - Experiment is a place for intellectual exchange, creativity, work, fun, education; meeting point for NGOs and artists, place for meetings, discussions, idea development and project presentation, lectures, seminars, trainings, talks, presentations, team-building events, workshops/circles for children and adults, professional forums, concerts, games , literary and cinema nights, international creative exchanges.

This year the place is the well-known area above the town of Kuklen in the Rhodope Mountains, and the dates are from 7 to 12 July. The focus of the event in 2020 is on sharing knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of internal development, social entrepreneurship, eco-agriculture, construction with natural materials, non-formal education, energy efficiency, shared economy, and the millennial traditions in Bulgarian lifestyle and culture.

The program is equally full of diverse areas, practices and lectures, but the festival is entirely dependent on its followers. In 2019, the event accommodated about 1,500 people. This turned Wake Up! Into a boutique festival where most are young people who have returned from abroad and lived in the countryside. More than 50% of the tickets are sold in the last days before and during the event. It is fully self-funded through participant donations and ticket sales to visitors, which are almost always insufficient to cover basic costs.

Therefore, in 2020, they started a campaign entitled "Let it be!" and through which the community can contribute to the festival. More than half of the necessary funds have already been raised, and because of the circumstances, you have until 30.04 to give your support. There are two ways to do this:

• By purchasing a ticket now
• Through donation

So far, 359 people have joined, and only you can decide if you want to be part of the big event.

Funds raised will be refunded and the event will not take place if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal.

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