One of our favorite alternative routes has turned recently into an even more attractive place for walks and relaxation

Photos: Tanya Grozdanova

On weekends, the Rowing Channel is often full of people, and you can’t get away from the thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and skaters. Luckily, the southern bank of the Maritza River was recently renovated and promises to become a favorite place for Plovdiv residents and guests of the city,

A brand new pavement, fence, outdoor fitness, playground, climbing rocks, a scene, and plenty of recreational opportunities are just a small part of the details that part of our team photographed on a walk from Fair Bridge to the Adata Bridge.

The open-air fitness is situated on 200 sq. m. and each of the many appliances has information about the muscle groups it trains. Nearby is the attraction bold park, with several climbing rocks and, for the youngest, a large children's playground with a pirate ship and a variety of swings.

You can find more in the photo gallery below: