It is also one of the most popular places near the city to cool off in the heat and is suitable for visiting with children


We have already told you about the waterfalls around the city under the hills, which are good to visit in the spring, because then they are the fullest. The only drawback to planning this type of trip, however, is the longer walk it takes to reach them. This wouldn’t be a problem if you’re in good physical shape, but for families with younger children it is a real challenge. After only a few steps, the grumble begins about how tired they are, and most often it all ends with carrying them which is a real inconvenience for parents.

Fortunately, there is a place in the immediate vicinity of Plovdiv that perfectly combines a short walk in nature and a very flat eco-trail with a beautiful view of the waterfall near the Parvenetska river.

To reach it, take the road to the village of Parvenets, which is located only 10 minutes from Plovdiv. Shortly after the sign for the end of the village on the right you will see a turnoff from the road. There are several parking lots inside, but on weekends it is possible to park on the side of the road, as the place is popular and fills up quickly.

There are two paths leading right to the waterfall. The one that starts on the left before the bridge has a slightly steeper section and is not quite suitable for very young children. The other option is to turn left immediately after the bridge. There the road takes you right along the river and is quite flat. There are also places for picnics and even rest, keeping in mind that the distance is not more than 500 meters. The little ones, of course, should be held by the hand so as not to splash in the cold water.

It is also one of the most popular places near the city to cool off in the heat. It feels like you're in the woods, but in fact the walk is very short and easy. The waterfall is small but very beautiful and definitely worth the walk.

There are two restaurants nearby - Melnitsata, which is located right on the river bank and the path passes by it. It is more unpretentious and with mostly traditional cuisine - grill, fries, salads. The prices are quite reasonable, and the yard and the proximity to the water make it very calm and cool.

Yavora is closer to the parking lot and more suitable if you have small children. There is a separate playground for them with a mini trampoline and climbing equipment, and in the garden, there is a very nice area for sitting among the trees with a direct view of the playing kids.

This is probably the closest and most easily accessible place for a weekend walk, and if you haven't visited it, be sure to take some time over the coming spring weekends.