We continue our series with places suitable for a day trip or a short hike

We have already taken you virtually to Sopot, Karlovo, and several breathtaking places in the Rhodopes, and today we will be very close to the region.

Both our final destinations are in the same direction and you can even combine them if you wish because they offer different activities.

Hisarya is a small town situated on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora. Its population is not numerous, but its glory as a healing center is due to the 22 springs with different physicochemical characteristics and temperature with proven healing qualities. The foundations of organized balneotherapy in Bulgaria are laid in the city. Next to the mineral springs are the ruins of the largest Roman bath found in 1935. They are preserved in much of the area and impress with their originality.

In addition to being a balneo center, the town is also known for its millennial history. The favorable climate and mineral waters have attracted the people in these places from ancient times. There was a prehistoric settlement here before V-IV millennium BC. With its preservation and originality, the fortification system and architecture of the Roman city of Diocletianopolis ranks among the top places in Europe. In many places, the fortress wall reaches a height of 11 m, and the south fortress gate rises to 13 m. The fortress had 44 towers.

About 300 m south of the fortified city is the Roman tomb. It is preserved in its original form and is available for visits. It features a long corridor, a burial chamber, and a colorful floor mosaic. All cultural monuments in Hisarya are exhibited in a suitable park environment and are accessible for guests of the town.

After the walk, you can stay in one of the many spa hotels or use the mineral pools for a pleasant relaxing afternoon.

Shortly before you reach the town of Hisarya, you will pass along the village of Zhitnitsa and Trakiec Equestrian Center. The complex was created with a lot of love for horses and equestrian sport, and this is evident in every detail. A central place has the open manege, where horses run all day long, their hair blown by the wind, carrying every lover of these animals on their saddles. Trakiec Equestrian Center offers a horse or pony ride and a ride for beginners and advanced riders with qualified coaches. There is also a covered part suitable for training during the cold months.

An indoor pool, which you can also use for an hour or two, has recently opened and you can get rid of the fatigue from the week in the relaxing embrace of warm water.

The restaurant is spacious and the menu is really delicious. For kids, there is a children's playground, and in summer it is always worth visiting the pool and the spacious garden. They are the place where you can peacefully read a book in the gazebo, make a family picnic, play with your children or just enjoy nature.

While the days ahead won’t be so sunny and warm, the team of the digital guide under the hills urges you to use every opportunity for a walk outside the city and recharge the batteries with the wonderful autumn colors.