On the day of the Liberation, the digital guide of Plovdiv will walk you to the birthplace of one of the greatest Bulgarian heroes

We hope the snow and the cold remain in the winter, and we are getting ready for short escapes during the weekend. Today our team will take you to a picturesque town 60 km from Plovdiv. The town of Karlovo is located at the foot of the Balkan Mountains and only for an hour, we are directly immersed in the tranquility and coziness that is felt everywhere. It is great for a walk, but also rich in cultural and historical sights. It is the birthplace of VasilIvanovKunchev or Vassil Levski - the famous Bulgarian hero who died in defending his beloved fatherland. In 2007 he was elected "the greatest Bulgarian" of all times after a vote of nearly 59,000 spectators.

We begin our tour precisely from his home, which is nowadays turned into the National Museum Vasil Levski. It is located near the 20th of July central square. It was built at the end of the 18th century, but during the Liberation, it remained uninhabited. It was then restored in 1933 and opened as a museum in 1937. It is included in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites.

Next stop is the Historical Museum, which is one of the most representative buildings of the Revival era - the former fifth-class male school built in 1871. This is where the visitor enriches their knowledge of Karlovo's past, the stormy life of the people of Karlovo over the centuries, of the distinguished people born there. The rich exposition offers the opportunity to trace the history of the Karlovo region from the prehistoric, antique and medieval times. Special attention is paid to the donors from Karlovo, including the biggest Bulgarian benefactors born in the town, Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev.

Just before the museum is the square where the monument of the Apostle rises, towering high in the sky and praising the sacrifice of Levski, who perishes, struggling for the freedom of his people. A great and didactic work, because nowadays, lost in the material world around us, we rarely appreciate the gift of freedom and think about how different it would be otherwise! The monument is built between two churches and depicts the Apostle proudly standing with a revolver in his hand, and next to him a roaring lion embodying the people.

All sites work every day until 5 pm, with a lunch break.

After the walk, we recommend you take a rest and eat in Edno Vreme. It is set in a typical Karlovo house with a garden and veranda. The interior is in typical home style and the menu is quite varied. Pleasant to visit, especially in better weather, when you can enjoy the sun outside. Another option, which is located in the square very close to the birthplace of Levski, is restaurant Karlovo.

Photo credit: Plasport - Собствена творба, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link">Wikipedia

When you're ready for more adventures, go down Vodopada Street and about a kilometer from the center you will reach the Suchurum Falls, which means flying water. A short time in nature will surely affect you well, and there the air is different, saturated with the aromas of the forest, not with the smell of the big city.