Searchers of places for beautiful Instagram shots, as well as mountaineers and even fishermen will like it


Today's idea for a trip is a perfect opportunity to escape from the city for a day and take advantage of the few remaining warm autumn weekends. Searchers of places for beautiful Instagram shots, as well as mountaineers and even fishermen will like it.

Dospat Dam is the second largest dam in the country and the highest in altitude. It is located at 1200 meters and is the beginning of the cascade Dospat-Krichim. It collects its waters from the rivers: Dospat, Kanina, Bistiritsa and Vishteritsa, springing from Dabrash, which are transferred to it by special underground tunnels. The shores of the dam are mostly sloping, have woods with beautiful comfortable meadows for picnics or camping. There are many quiet and beautifully outlined bays, suitable for fishing, camping and boating. The dam is rich in fish. Perch, carp, mullet, bleak, redfin and trout swim in it. Several types of fishing are practiced: with a float, bottom fishing, fly fishing, with a fishing lure and with a buldo. A walk along the slopes along the reservoir reveals a number of places with interesting names - Hadzhiosmanskoto, Derazlii, Karvav dol, Orlino, Manastira, Zelnikovo, etc., all names related to the ancient history of the town of Dospat.

It is an interesting fact that the people of Dospat are known throughout Bulgaria for their masters of drinking fountains and their "white" fountains. The tradition is ancient and hardly anyone remembers exactly when it originated, but the belief that you have to bring water and build a drinking fountain for travelers and tired passers-by here in this world so that your loved ones, who have passed, have water in the afterlife; it is like a law for the local people from the area of ​​Dospat and Satovcha. Every year, a fountain fair is organized near the waters of the dam. There are over 1800 fountains built for the wellbeing of the people in this Rhodope region. Active and dry, they mainly have one, two, but also up to 24 spouts.

The road leading to the neighboring town of Sarnitsa is extremely picturesque, as it winds from beginning to end, following the picturesque dam shore. The beautiful views here are not one and two. Lovers of romantic landscapes can hardly choose from the hundreds of places near the dam, each one more beautiful than the other, and often there are often comparisons with the natural resources of Switzerland.

The Dospat forests are considered to be the most valuable in the country and are a fertile place for the development of alternative types of tourism - hiking, horseback riding and cycling, orienteering, biathlon, development of water sports and sports events, adventure camps and green schools, adventure racing events and team building programs.

So, don’t think it over and waste the day! Grab a backpack and get ready for walks in nature!