Take a walk to the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria with the only digital guide of Plovdiv



Photos: Tanya Grozdanova

Our suggestions for weekend getaways are not limited to caves and eco-paths. One of the preferred places for relaxation and a walk not only to people of Plovdiv but a large number of tourists is Velingrad. It is only about 60 kilometers from the City under the hills and in less than an hour by car, you will be transferred to the SPA capital of Bulgaria, as it is often called. The town is also connected by the only narrow-gauge railway in Bulgaria with the northern station of Septemvri, the towns of Razlog and Bansko and the final station Dobrinishte. The train station is in the central district of Ladzhene, and there is a Velingrad-South railway station in Chepino. It is famous for being the largest geothermal deposit in southern Bulgaria, and the beautiful scenery, the mineral springs and the climatic peculiarities that are favorable to the treatment of a number of diseases, make it a preferred destination for Bulgarian and foreign visitors.

In case you choose to stay for a longer period of time, there is a huge selection of hotels and accommodation options offering a variety of spa services. The public mineral baths are well-developed and there are 22 outdoor and indoor mineral pools.

Our photo walk today is to one of the most remarkable, romantic and mysterious places - Kleptuza. The largest karst spring in Bulgaria, together with the park of the same name and the two lakes, is one of the symbols of the town. It is located in the Chepino district and the whole area has been declared protected since 1966. The park was built with funds by the former village municipality of Chepino-Banya and the first lake was established in 1933. One part of the spring water is used for the water supply of Velingrad, the fishpond, as well as for other economic needs. Another part fills the two beautiful artificial lakes, which are among the most popular places for rest and relaxation among the guests and residents of the resort town. There are water bikes in the lake, and there are several restaurants around it.

Sunday is also a market day, so if you choose it for a walk, you must stop at the stalls, where you can choose any kind of products - from food to clothes, CDs and what not.

Here is Kleptuza as seen by part of our team: