The coronavirus has totally changed our notions of entertainment, and we are already thinking of various alternatives for spending days in isolation


In a normal year, we would have already prepared the articles with the possibilities for celebration and wondered which of the many parties to go to on Saturday night. But the coronavirus has totally changed our notions of entertainment, and we are already thinking of various alternatives for spending days in isolation. And since at the moment even the weather outside is not with us and the travels in the area are also not very pleasant, we offer 5 ideas with which to diversify the gray everyday life and escape at least for a moment from the topic of the pandemic.

Photo: Stanimir Petkov- Photosmile

The ice rink

Over the past weekend, it was the "liveliest" place under the hills and is a good opportunity for exercise and entertainment. It's as if life is as it was there and definitely a breath of fresh air will not hurt us at all. Dress well, keep your distance from people and the queue and get ready for real pirouettes on the ice.

Walk on Sahat Tepe

We have already taken you virtually to the top, but after the renovation of the Clock Tower, it is definitely worth climbing on your own. Especially in the evening, the monument shines with beautiful artistic lighting and creates a magical atmosphere that we all need at the moment.

On the hunt for gifts

Despite the constantly gloomy news that floods us everywhere, there are less than two weeks left until Christmas and we all want to make our loved ones happy with beautiful things. Our latest article on handmade gifts has revealed some real treasures, but we encourage you to go hunting in the numerous studios in the creative district. Now, more than ever, young artists need support and anyone can help them grow by buying a card or a handmade work.

Cocktail at home

In the last period of isolation, we revealed some of the recipes of the most popular Plovdiv cocktail bars, but this time we reveal how you can get your drink right at home. Club Fargo has prepared a special menu for this weekend, which you can order on Saturday during the day and be delivered to you in the evening. Each cocktail will be supplied with ice + all special decorations that are part of the recipe to complete the pleasure for all the senses.

Photo walk

We all get annoyed when the streets are full of people or in front of the beautiful Christmas tree of the Municipality there is a queue of people wanting for a photo. Well, we assure you that this is not the case lately. Kapana and Old Plovdiv are totally empty and now is the time to get crazy in the most unthinkable poses. Of course, the atmosphere is not quite the same, but the decoration is already there and can serve as a beautiful prop for the holiday shots.

We all hope that this will pass and only in ten days we will be able to slowly loosen the measures and have reasonable fun outside! Until then, we look forward to enjoying your crazy photos from the rink, Kapana or with Christmas decorations with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv on Instagram.