We won’t rank them by score, but we remind you what and why are at the forefront of Plovdiv secondary education


Ranking high schools under the hills in the midst of a student-candidate campaign is a real challenge. We won’t rank them by score, because everyone can enter the RUO website and check how the minimum and maximum values have moved over the years. However, we remind you what and why are at the forefront of Plovdiv secondary education in order to guide your choice and probably facilitate the process.

Plovdiv Language High School

The original intention was to open a German language school, as England was behind the Iron Curtain at the time and it was too daring to ask for studying of English. In the course of the realization of the idea, the Ministry of Education decided to be English-oriented, whence the so-called English High School. This is one of the oldest schools in the city, and at one time every student there, whether from Plovdiv or elsewhere, was obliged to live in the boarding house of the institution. Now things are a little different, but the level of training, as well as the achievements achieved with a lot of work, are still obvious. According to the data from the last year, it is second only to the mathematical profile with intensive study of English at the Mathematical High School Acad. Kiril Popov.

High School of Mathematics Acad. Kiril Popov

In 1986 Plovdiv’s Hugh School of Mathematics received the title "Exemplary". The high school developed a curriculum and programs for the profession "Operator-programmer of electronic calculating machine", as well as the first textbooks in computer science for secondary education in the country. In addition to mathematics, the curriculum has focused on languages, with classes in German, English and French being developed. In the late 80's, classrooms for computer science, robotics, and fine arts were equipped, a local area network for 16-bit personal computers and others were set up. The high school hosted the 12th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad. In general, the school participated in various competitions and Olympiads in programming, electronics and mathematics.

Ivan Vazov Language High School

More commonly referred to as the Russian High School, it has modern facilities and a strict and ambitious training control. The school is one of the most coveted choices for applying after 7th grade. The languages studied intensively are Russian, German, English, Italian, Spanish and French. The school often partners with various local and national educational and cultural initiatives and projects, which gives its graduates a chance to develop their potential in various fields.

Vocational High School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy "Architect Kamen Petkov"

Of all the vocational schools in the city, it is perhaps the most prestigious. Its graduates are prepared to change our environment. Bulgaria needs good architects, especially now, in times of change and tangible entry of Western influence. The high school has over 960 students in 5 specialties with advanced study of English and German. It has eight modern computer rooms, a video room, a presentation room, a florist's room, technical drawing rooms, rooms for physics and chemistry, a photogrammetry laboratory, a rich library with a reading room, a tennis hall, a weight-lifting hall, a cheerleading hall and a gym.

National Trade High School

It was founded in 1910 on the initiative of the Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The school has one of the most representative buildings in the whole city. Its strategic location at the foot of Bunardzhika and the constant maintenance of the base are more than impressive. Out of its doors come the best economists in the city, fully competitively able to prove their skills nationally. The high school holds a talent day, charity balls and is well funded by the Ministry of Education.

Antoine du Saint-Exupery French Language High School

French Language High School is a high school with a proverbial reputation. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always interesting. Located next to Filipovo Station, the school no longer shares the building with the Art High School, which used to be on the third floor. It has a swimming pool, two playgrounds, a fitness center, tennis tables and a large gym. The school is preferred by young people who want to study French intensively. The education there often gives them the opportunity to work and study in the French-speaking countries. The transfer of foreign educators is mandatory. The first year is preparatory, during which only French, Bulgarian language and literature and mathematics are studied. The school is popular for its Francophonie.

St. St. Cyril and Methodius Humanitaries High School

The Humanities High School was established in the distant 1850, which makes it one of the oldest functioning schools today. In the first years the teaching staff consisted of amazing, famous cultural figures such as Petko Karavelov, Andrey Toshev, Anton Mitov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Petko Rachov Slaveykov, the Shkorpil brothers, Mrkvichka and many others. The school was also  the first to acknowledge one of the most important Bulgarian holidays - the Day of St. St. Cyril and Methodius. The architecture of the building is remarkable, and the graduates are often winners in various state and regional competitions for literature, ecology and so on.

Of course, many other high schools have created desirable specialties in recent years, which are also an excellent start in life and can be the basis for acquiring a number of useful knowledge and skills. After all, the most important thing in education is the desire to actively participate in the process and the ambition for future development.