Find out more about educational institutions licensed by the Ministry of Education, which provide schooling on the territory of the city of Plovdiv


With the beginning of the school year, all parents, who are facing a change or a new beginning for their child, start looking for ways to navigate the environment of institutions and training programs that are being offered.

In general, in Plovdiv preferences are mainly directed towards a few specific schools and there are not so many private school options. Some of them, however, are quite flexible in the specialties offered, accept enrollment at any time and emphasize individual approach and training.

Find out more about educational institutions licensed by the Ministry of Education, which provide schooling on the territory of the city of Plovdiv:

Primary schools

Classic Private Primary School with Early Foreign Language Education

The curriculum follows the Bulgarian standards and the academic levels of the British National Curriculum. The classes have a small number of children - from 10 to 12. There are 10 classes a week of Bulgarian and English for elementary and junior high school. From the fifth grade, a second foreign language of choice from German, Spanish and Italian is introduced. From the first grade, mental mathematics classes are held, which further develop the logical-mathematical skills of each child. The weekly schedule takes into account the most suitable time for excellent concentration and facilitates memorization, as the subjects of mathematics, languages, natural and social sciences are held before lunch, and classes in fine arts, design and technology, information and communication technology, music, physical education and sports, classes for the development of emotional, social, moral, creative and practical potential in the afternoon. Self-study classes have been introduced, which take place before lunch after the main class and are led by the same teacher. There is a wide range of arts and sports club activities. Education is bilingual in all subjects.

The acceptance of documents starts from 17.02, and the standard annual fee for the 2022/2023 academic year is 3500 euros.

Badeshte Private Primary School

The school is part of the Stoyan Sariev educational complex, created 10 years after the first private school on the territory of the city of Plovdiv. It is intended for students from the first to the seventh grade and gives the opportunity to close the schooling cycle at three stages - elementary, junior high school and high school. Learning English is a priority, along with learning Bulgarian. In the new school year - 2022/2023, Badeshte Private Primary School launched an innovative educational program for Bulgaria, aimed at children with a pronounced interest in football. Enrollment is based on documents, and for the graduating class there is a certain number of places that can be filled with free admission based on a point system described on the school's website.

Secondary Schools

Druzhba Private Secondary School

September 15, 2005 is the first day of the school. The beginning was made with 17 students from pre-school to 5th class. In the next two years, their number increased significantly. In 2006, 62 students were trained, and in 2007 – 115 students.

The 2012/2013 school year was a turning point for the school's history - the high school stage began.

In 2013/2014, the school enrolled more than 150 students from pre-school to 11th grade.

Enrollment is based on documents, and the deadlines are different, depending on the educational stage of the child. The fee is 4,000 euros and can be paid in installments.

Talantite Private Secondary Business School

At Talantite Private Secondary Business School, tomorrow's leaders are built through integrated education and an individual approach to each child, discovery of their creative talents, development of the entrepreneurial spirit and information culture. An opportunity for innovative learning, building on the standard curricula of the Ministry of Education, including modern learning methods: learning by phenomena (implemented experience from Finland); project-based learning (transferred experience from the UK); peer learning (integrated learning practices from the Scandinavian countries).

Enrollment is based on documents and at any time of the school year, and an independent form of study is also offered. Fees are BGN 4,500 for students from first to fourth grade and BGN 2,500 for students from fifth to twelfth grade.

Profiled high schools

Classic Private Profiled High School

At a high school level, the following profiles are being offered - Foreign Language and from the 2018/2019 academic year  - Mathematical and Software and Hardware Sciences with admission after the 7th grade in cooperation with leading universities and international certification of digital competences. In addition to the large number of English language classes, the subjects of history, geography, psychology, biology, mathematics and information and communication technology are taught in English. A second and third foreign language can be chosen from ninth grade. The high school degree guarantees perfect preparation of students for successful implementation in the best universities in the country and abroad. Students can pass the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. Compulsory subjects at IGCSE level are English, mathematics and business science. Elective subjects are history, geography, psychology, economics, modern foreign languages ​​and others. Training is also available for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-levels) in the same subjects.

The application periods start from 17.03, and the tuition fees are 3,500 euros for studying according to the Bulgarian and British standard and 6,000 euros for studying according to the IB programme.

Edmund Burke Private Profiled High School

Edmund Burke Profiled Language High School in the city of Plovdiv was founded in 2002 as a primary school. At this level, with admission from the first grade in the same year, there were no facilities for the classes suitable for students of this age.

In 2003, by order of the Minister of Education, the school was transformed into a language high school. Students were admitted in the 2003/2004 academic year. Four classes graduated in the coming years, and in parallel with the language high school, they also acquired professional qualification from the Business and Banking Private Profiled High School, a choice of the current specialties. Graduates graduated and received a specialization, giving students the opportunity for a successful realization.

The main direction of the high school is foreign language education. English and Spanish are intensively studied at the school.

The annual fee for the 2022/2023 academic year is BGN 500, and enrollment is done with an application and enrollment information card.

Stoyanstroy Private Profiled High School with Foreign Language Education

Stoyan Sariev Private Language High School was established in 1995 by Order RD - 14 - 43/10.05.1995 of the Minister of Education. This is the first private school on the territory of Plovdiv and Plovdiv region.

Over the years, it has received an invitation from Cambridge University and the British Council of Education for joint development and cooperation. This made it possible to create a Cambridge Examination Center at the Stoyan Sariev Private Language School for the whole of Southern Bulgaria. The certificate is good for a lifetime and recognized worldwide. To date, more than 318 students have successfully acquired the right to continue their education in the most prestigious universities around the world - Japan, Great Britain and the Ivy League schools in the United States of America.

Immediately after this success, the Minister of Education gave the opportunity to open a Center for Vocational Education at the Stoyan Sariev Private Language School. The Center's license is for ten specialties for the realization of professional development of people of different ages and classes.

Vocational high schools

Private Vocational High School of Economics and Management

The school was established by order number RD14-122 of 12.07.2004 in the city of Plovdiv. The high school consists of 5 classes in which economic specialties are studied. The teaching staff consists of 21 people, including the director of the high school, Mrs. Velichka Georgieva.

The high school doesn’t have its own building and was initially housed at 46 Danail Nikolaev Street in the Peter Beron school building. At the beginning of the 2012/2013academic year, the high school moved to a new address in a completely renovated building at the central shopping 44 Raiko Daskalov Street in the city of Plovdiv. Some of its main advantages are:

• Professional training, oriented to subjects in the field of marketing, financial and legal assurance of companies

• Educational practice in the special subjects takes place in educational and training companies, there are production excursions and real participation in companies and organizations and institutions

• Language training - two foreign languages are studied, the first being Italian - intensively studied in classes with admission after the 7th grade

Admission is after the 7th or 8th grade, based on documents, and the terms start from June.

Private Vocational High School of Informatics and Computer Sciences

Akademic Blagovest Sendov Private Vocational High School of Informatics and Computer Sciences is a school where theory and practice go hand in hand. The constant updating of the program, the building of interdisciplinary connections and soft skills among the students is the main priority, daily work is done in the direction of achieving the high goals not only of the management, but also of the students.

The annual fee is 1,500 euros and is payable in installments. Specializations are: artificial intelligence programming, e-commerce, application programming and graphic design. The qualifying subjects are the exams in Bulgarian literature and mathematics.

On the territory of the village of Markovo is also the base of the Slanchev Lach Private Primary School, which is also licensed by the Ministry of Education. It teaches students from preparatory group to junior high school level. Application documents are accepted throughout the school year, and the annual tuition fee for full-time study is BGN 7,120 per year, which includes summer school until the end of June.