The streets of Plovdiv will be filled with artists and crafts


27th September

6Fest Kapana

6Fest Gabrovo will visit the European Capital of Culture and the creative district of Kapana on 27 and 28 September 2019 - as a true traveling street festival. The main festival program will be on 28 September with contemporary circus, puppet theater, street magic, stilts parade, fire and light show, a puppet show featuring Fireter, Igrachka-Plachko circus, Variété PLAN B, SoulMade Theatre Company, QUICK HANDS Project, Puppet Theatre "Malle-malle", etc.

The second edition of the new event "Night of Stories" will happen on 27 September in Plovdiv as part of 6Fest in Kapana Street Arts Festival. In Plovdiv's Night of Stories, local artists will tell stories of their lives or of their families. During the first "Night of Stories" on May 22, 2019, in Sofia, writers and poets such as Petar Chouhov, Stefan Ivanov, Yordan Eftimov, Marin Bodakov, Virginia Zaharieva, etc. told stories. The Night of Stories will be in Bulgarian!

27 – 28 September

Kapana Bazaar

Kapana Bazaar returns in September as an independent boutique edition of Kapana Fest with a focus on Bulgarian artisans!

From September 27 to September 29 at the Little Main (Rayko Daskalov St) you will find one of the main and most beloved elements of the Kapana Fest: the great artist market for handmade products and craft foods!

Over 80 Bulgarian artists will once again amaze us with their imagination and will kindly present us the wonderful products in which they have invested their soul. We will also enjoy selected flavors from the skilled hands of the best domestic and international producers of quality food and drink.

The great mood will be taken care of by the owner of the analog sound DJ Skill, who gladly and masterfully selected the program of the special boutique stage for vinyl sets and acoustic performances. The Music Zone will be active daily from 5.30 pm to 11 pm.

The big Plovdiv gramophone market will once again delight fans with quality vinyl with unique finds, and the Kapana Fest-style decoration will make this a three-day experience a true holiday in the heart of the city.

Little Main Street
27 – 29 September

Under a low sky

UNDER A LOW SKY is a succession of unusual, unexpected, familiar or impossible meetings, both a long narrative and a fragmented text. Like puzzle parts, memories try to bring back personal stories and what was Syria. Like puzzle parts, memories try to bring back personal stories and what Syria used to be. Two men – director and author Wael Ali and video maker Jamal – undergo travel in time way back to the colonial archive to catch this same territory at the moment of its evolution towards a state. They explore colonial archives to reach as far back as the time when the Syrian state was born.

How to cope with today if yesterday is gone? How to do theatre in a period of war when we are out of the country? What is the context of the theatre we create, and who do we create for? The show mixes two types of writing, intimate and political, questioning their limits. It also creates a dialogue between different temporalities and several ways of looking at the same object, the same territory in an escape.

The show is in French and Arabic with Bulgarian subtitles.

Plovdiv Drama Theatre
8 pm
Tickets at epaygo

28th September


Knife & Shaker have always been fans of street food, and what better describes street food in Plovdiv than doners! We remember them from the time when they were 2 for 1 BGN and if you drop a piece of meat it would become vegetarian.

At the next edition of the tasty event, we will try a really good doner accompanied by a great drink.

Fabric Bar
12 noon

29th September

Carmina Burana

A modern classic comes from Hungary to Plovdiv on the 29th of September. Szeged Contemporary Dance Company brings new life to one of the most famous stage works and creates a stunning dance performance. CARMINA BURANA tells about our human conditions and The Fate.

A barbarian community is struggling for survival on the ruins of a civilization. A girl falls in love but this moment of light seems doomed in the darkness clinch. Choreographer Tames Juronics sets a mirror for us to learn more about ourselves, our fate and chances, our humanity.

Szeged Contemporary Dance Company combines the precision and the power of dance and theater. Their clear technical skills and theater scenography are a landmark for impressive productions for audiences to experience. The classical music repertoire of the company consists of theatrical dances based on the works of composers such as Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Bartók, Orff, Eötvös, and the company’s varied repertoire also contains choreographies composed to musical montages.

For more than 30 years, the company has staged 126 performances with over 200 Hungarian and foreign dancers and has toured in 29 countries. The company has received many professional and audience awards.

Boris Hristov House of Culture
7 pm
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3rd October

Exhibition: Old Masters

Aeterna Gallery will present a collective exhibition of paintings and drawings by some of the masters of Bulgarian fine arts.

Much of the work has not been presented to the general public so far. Mainly landscape art and still life will be presented.

The collective exposition will include the canvases of Mario Zhekov, Atanas Mihov, Boris Kolev, Vasil Stoilov, Vladimir Dimitrov The Master, Hristo Yonchev, Dobri Dobrev, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, David Peretz, Tsanko Lavrenov and other authors.

Opening: 3 October, 6:30 pm