This weekend in Plovdiv is going to be promising. We will peek into the cauldron of the alchemists of the surrealist cabaret, escape the stereotypes and make sure of the magnetic power of swing dance. And there's more

Photo: Victor Tsonev

8th December

Shot party with Enyova anisette

We’ll celebrate the Student’s holiday with Enyova shots! We’ll get to know the magical properties of Mursal tea and share a shot or two!

Club Kanape
10 pm

PRIM and NERVE at Post-Culture Stage/ New Album Promo

The new album of PRIM and NERVE is here!

They’re going to perform at Post-Culture Stage together with 4PK and Borrix will take care of the good musical selection at the party.

The album contains 9 tracks and combines the ideas and thoughts of the artists with a homogeneous mixture of rhymes and a specific heavy sound for which the beats of WORST, 4PK, Chernogled and Nowallz are responsible!

You’ll be able to buy it for 10 lv. and there’s a promo – 12 lv. for an album and entry. Bring your hoodies.

Post-Culture Stage
9 pm
Entry: 5 lv.
Entry + CD: 12 lv.

StillDrinking Student Party @Podleza Bar&Fun

Let's celebrate the Student’s holiday together at our favorite Podleza Bar&Fun! Especially for all former, current, future and eternal students Mr. Dobri Stilldrinkov has prepared a unique musical walk through the different styles of thrash, punk, rock, hardcore ... Desislava Todorova has promised not to leave any student to go on two legs and has prepared her special shots. She has also prepared special promotions.

Podleza Bar&Fun
9 pm

Opera Chaotique - Surreal Cabaret /GR/ at VOID

What happens when an opera singer and pianist and jazz drummer get together and put on their alchemical mantles? The Opera Chaotique Musical cauldron contains all the ingredients - jazz melodies and African beats, arias and punk, gentle lullabies and Gothic nightmares. Heat this potion together with piano and drums, add a crooked storytelling, fondle with unconventional humor, mix well, fire and enjoy the unique cabaret of Opera Chaotique - a feast of surrealism with explosive music and unusual cartoon art .

9 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

Friday of Vinyl

The traditional Friday night of the analogue sound, in which we will listen to the classic electronica and progressive house tracks that were released in 2002-2012 for "institutions" such as Baroque, Perfecto, Yoshitoshi, Global Underground and others. We'll dig through the archive of dusty vinyls, and then we'll go to new additions from recent months. Various alcoholic elixirs by special recipe will take care of the rest!

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

Silicon Drink.about Plovdiv at СандъкЪ

Silicon Drink.about is a regular after work drinks evening for startups every Friday. Bring your friend and join the fun!

7 pm

8 Dec.NERD PARTY #Experiment1.0

Are you ready for experiment 1.0, friends and connoisseurs avoiding stereotypes and uniformity? The CRAFT Bar invites us to their first NERD party to show that we can have fun everyone in their own way without the need of chalga among the princes or princesses or in the battle for a better offer for Bansko.

What is NERD PARTY? Everybody understands it in their own way, as well as they have fun in their own way.

8 pm

Fabric Game Night

This Friday, December 8, when the holiday of the Bulgarian student, Fabric Bar, prepared for you a different evening, which will be filled with various games and teasers that everyone can take part in. On the other hand, everyone will be able to enjoy the alcoholic drinks and promotions!

bar Fabric
8.30 pm

Shots 'n' Roll

To the attention of all students, graduates, beginners and everyone who simply want to have fun! On December 8, Rock Bar Download presents Shots 'n' Roll party, which means a lot of Rock 'n' Roll and lots of shots! The music will be selected by Tony A. and the shots (Jagermeister, After Shock, Enyova anisette, Tequila, Russian Breakfast, etc.) will be on promo! You order 4, you get 6!

Rock Bar Download
9 pm

Student Soiree

„Dear colleagues,

Here we are pleased to invite you to our STUDENT’S HOLIDAY - EIGHTH DECEMBER! The guests of the event will enjoy dancing, contemporary and up-to-date music, as well as 80% off the price of high-quality Bulgarian alcoholic beverages. The presence to our soiree would undoubtedly give every visitor a HIGH CLASS sensation and therefore the OFFICIAL ATIRE for the event is strongly recommend. We expect guests to show up at the eighth hour, and the end of the fun is left to the fate alone. We will be honored to welcome colleagues from all walks of life and schools. The entrance to our holiday will, of course, be FREE for everyone. You can save your seat in advance at 0878 50 97 03.



The team of Petnoto na Rorschach

Petnoto na Rorschach
8 pm

9th December

Eddy´s Christmas Weekends

In the cozy setting of Eddy’s you can enjoy white and red wine on the Christmas decorated terrace, with the musical accompaniment of violin and guitar.

Eddy’s Cafè and Food
6 pm

 Residents' Night: Yours Truly & Nev

This Saturday, the residents of Fargo Yours Truly & Nev will provoke your dance skills with a terrific musical selection! We will have the whole night to dance the woes away, to smile and to go back and forth in the music of the last decades.

And at the bar they will take care of you with quality drinks and the finest cocktails prepared with homemade ingredients.

Club Fargo
9 pm

No More Many More live

No more many more are a band with their own style and highly distinguishable character. Socially-oriented text, melodies to accompany them under the listener's skin, and performance that is not subject to comment.

Post-Culture Stage
9 pm
Entry: 6 lv.

I Charleston Plovdiv PARTY & MOVIE

I Charleston the World is a series of clips that conquered the world for the sole purpose of proclaiming the opening of a swing community in a populated area.

The city of the hills can’t help but  follow the global trends and thanks to the school of swing dances and culture Lindy Hop Bulgaria, Plovdiv is ready to be one of the most preferred swing dance destinations in Europe.

Become a witness of the premiere of I CHARLESTON PLOVDIV - a short film revealing the unique beauty and unique spirit of Plovdiv, accompanied by the happy rhythms and dances of the Bulgarian lindyhoppers.

Moreover, you can also make sure of the magnetic power of swing dances and the positive energy of jazz music by going wild with the selection of our special guest - DJ SKILL!


No Sense
8 pm
Entry: 2 lv.

Blues Traffic with Shoes for Blues in the Nylon

After 20 years on stage, Blues Traffic will delight their fans with an album. "Blues Shoes" is their first album and it includes most of the songs they have done over the years. They will play at the bar where they started their journey years ago.

9 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

Parental control

WARNING! - Parental control. The party is not recommended for people under 18 and those who are intolerant of loose jeans, dirty rhymes, heavy bass and obscene expressions. There will be rap, hip-hop, RnB, and any street lyrics. Drinks and mood - just high!

Groove Music&ART
8 pm

Twin Towns Band Live! @Vintage House

Saturday at Vintage House is promising - Twin Towns will play a special selection of jazz, funk and blues.

Twin Towns is the local collaboration of Ivaylo Hristov and Mark Bowering from Bristol, England, and the name reminds of the resemblance between the two cities. Over time, the band finds more adherents and today it is composed of:

Svetlina Hristova - vocal
Konstantin Tenekedzhiev - guitar
Georgi Hristov - saxophone
Mark Bowering - bass guitar
Ivaylo Hristov - percussionist

The band relies primarily on author's songs and compositions in which each of the musicians contributes to their distinctive sound.

Vintage House
9 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

10th December

No Sense Presents: Amateur tournament on Belote

No Sense starts an amateur tournament on Belote. Subscriptions are on a personal message on the facebook page, by phone - 0896738654 or on the spot. The entrance is a modest 2 lv. per person.

The first place takes the value of the entire collected input as a one-time voucher for consumption in No Sense.
Second place gets shots.
Third, they get a glass of cold water.

No Sense
5 pm

Retro movie night: The Nightmare before Christmas

Digitally restored and produced with the latest technology, now "Nightmares Before Christmas" is more engrossing, gloomy and delightful than ever - just as it was conceived in Tim Burton's imagination. Can Christmas be saved? Bored with the monotonous and filled with screams everyday life, Jack Sceleton - the Pumpkin King of the City of Halloween, dreams of experiencing the joyful Christmas spirit. This mission puts Santa on trial and becomes a nightmare for all good girls and boys!

7 pm
Free entry