This weekend we'll go shopping for Christmas presents at the holiday bazars, we'll learn about Bulgarian Modernist Architecture and go on a bloodless journey with a promised nothing

15th December

Groovy Karaoke

There‘s always stress, there‘s always fear, there‘s always laughter ... Please don’t do this at home - come to Groove Music&Art! In the Groovy Karaoke, we’ll have fun with a microphone in hand and raise the mood with an appropriate accompaniment from the bar.

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

Christmas bazar and meetup in Otsreshta

Coffee-bar Otsreshta together with Istoriiki atelier is having a Christmas art bazar. We’ll meet local authors who’re going to talk about their creations. Bring joy to your loved ones with original and aesthetic Christmas gift.

15-17 December

One year of Silicon Drinkabout

A year of drinkabouts has passed. Everyone is invited in the silicon Baraban to celebrate. RISK will take care of the event.

7 pm

Christmas handmade bazar in Mall Markovo Tepe

Bring joy to your family and friends with handmade gifts for the holidays. Every young visitor will have fun with interesting workshops.

Mall Markovo Tepe
15-17 December
10 am

The Bar Owner Choice Tasting #СандъкЪ

Bar Sandak invites us to a selected whisky tasting. We’ll have the chance to try whisky from the 4 parts of Scotland.

Auchentoshan Tree wood /Lowland/
Aberfeldy 12 YO /Highlands/
Arran 14 YO /Island/
Aberlour 18 YO /Speyside/

Bar Sandak
8.30 pm
25 lv.

Bulgarian Modernist Architecture Exhibition

From 15th December the exhibition will be in Plovdiv. The 30 boards representing Modern Movement residential, public and industrial buildings will be presented at the Total Sport Fitness & Squash. The official opening is on 15.12 at 18:00. On the next day - 16.12 - at 10:30 there will be a tour on the most interesting inter-war Modern Movement objects in Plovdiv. The meeting point is in front of Kutsoglu's House on 17 Ivan Vazov Street (next to St. Patriarch Evtimiy High School)..

The exhibition is a result of the years-long research of Vassil Makarinov and Theodor Karakolew in a great number of Bulgarian cities as well as the help of other experts – architects (Ph.D. Ljubinka Stoilova, arch. Ljubomir Peychev, arch. Georgi Sabev), art historians (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruzha Marinska) and many other friends of the architecture.

Total Sport Fitness & Squash
6 pm

Bloodrush x ФОН: Plovdiv at Post-culture stage

Bloodrush (Stoner/Groove/Psychedelic.)

They are the bloodshed of youth, the torchlight procession of the capable and dissatisfied. Group created with the main purpose - experience. Engineers of our bloodless journey. Specialists in maxillo-facial surgery. Undoubtedly one of the phenomena of the Bulgarian underground scene and absolutely uncompromising live. An important part of the Z generation in Bulgarian music.

ФОН - Фондация Обещаното Нищо. (Alternative/Psychedelic/ Post-metal)

Foundation promised nothing is the musical transformation of the idea of existence of a red button that is in our hands at any moment. By pressing it everything disappears, reality ends with time, space and perceptions. Doctors with shaking hands, nurses with distracted eyes, and trainees with experience.

Post-culture stage
Doors: 7 pm
Start: 8 pm
Entry: 6 lv.

Residents Night + Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask Promo

On Friday evening, Fargo Club will present exclusively the new triple-distilled Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask, matured in barrels of Caribbean rum, with fresh tropical notes, soft fruity aroma and caramel aftertaste. And the cocktail of the evening will be the irresistible Caribbean Old Fashioned, prepared, of course, with the new addition to the Tullamore Dew family!

The evening of the residents is in the hands of Visitor Q, who will present us with publications of different styles on vinyl.

Fargo Club
9 pm

16th December

Eddy´s Christmas Weekends

In the cozy setting of Eddy’s you can enjoy white and red wine on the Christmas decorated terrace, with the musical accompaniment of violin and guitar.

Eddy’s Cafè and Food
6 pm

Christmas bazar

Christmas punch and a selection of Christmas clothes from FREA.

KinoCafe Plovdiv
11 am

melformator: digital + performance

Melformator, Bodygraphics and The Space Plovdiv present an exceptional event in two parts consisting of interactive performance and dj party with interactive visuals.

*you can bring your own drinks!



Rayko Daskalov 19 St
10 pm

Paraplanner live at Podleza Bar&Fun

Paraplanner are back in Plovdiv for the first time after Kapana fest.

Aleksandrina Aleksandrova – vocal, bass
Yana Doncheva - flute, saxophone
Krasimir Spiridonov - piano
Georgi Denchev – drums

Podleza Bar&Fun
10 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

Brain Mechanic with Ravi

This Saturday night Radoslav Vasev Ravi will once again take us on a journey through the depths of consciousness. A good dose of Deep Techno, minimal house, progressive and a light Berlin flavor will be the basis on which we’ll dance, and the bar will take care of the mood.

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

Still Drinking party at Absinthe House

After a break, Dobri Stilldrinkov returns to Absinthe House for new meetings with the Green Fairy.

Absinthe House
9 pm

17th December

The Sunday Bunch: Mario Milev - Episode #031 / Livestream

The next guest of The Sunday Bunch would rather not define himself musically, as he finds music to be a language on its own. One that expresses what we cannot fit into words. One that shows us parts of ourselves we never thought were there. One that brings us all closer together in a way that nothing else does. So close to Christmas, we gather our precious Bunch for a dance with Mario Milev.

6 pm