Many thing are happening under the hills this weekend. The Plovdiv guide once again selected the most exciting events

Photo: Victor Tsonev

6th October

Ninja Syndrom - metalcore, djent /POL/ & Fyeld /BG/

The European tour of metalcore, rapcore & djent maniacs from Poland Ninja Syndrom won’t miss the sound space of Club VOID and together with the old school Fyeld will blow us up with a heavy and high-quality sound.

Low-frequency guitars, freak drums and an extremely charismatic vocal duet – the combination results in the unique sound and heaviness of Ninja Syndrom.

The Bulgarian band Fyeld can’t be categorized - their style is a mix of aggressive Slipknot / Downset singing and close to the early Korn and Pantera with heavy rapping and reefs mixed with electronic sounds and uncompromising attitude.

Doors 9 pm
Start 10.30 pm
Entry 5 lv.


The CHROMA performance of the co-founder of the world-famous Japanese artistic team Dumb Type, Shiro Takatani, arrives for the jubilee edition of ONE DANCE WEEK this autumn in Plovdiv. Dance lovers will be able to immerse themselves in an image and sound experiment on two consecutive days.

CHROMA is a dance of light and shadows in which visual effects and large-scale graphics follow
every step of the performers on stage as if to overcome and absorb them. Choreographer Shiro Takatani overcomes the laws of physics and modern optical technology to make the audience look for meaning in the hundreds of images they see on the screen every day. That's how we are, in fact, constantly seeing and creating the world around us.

Culture House Boris Hristov
7.30 pm

7th October

Buns & Booze

A well known combination around the world is coming to Plovdiv. If you like tasty food and a well made drink, then you will feel right at home with us.

A chef (Petko Sharankov) and a bartender (Mihail Uzunov) are creating “Buns & Booze” for people that have a special relationship with flavour. You will be able to try a couple of slightly different buns prepared personally by Chef Sharankov and Mihail will match every on of them with a cocktail from his arsenal. Street food presented the way it should be: Different and unpretentious.

The event will be presenting a cornucopia of tastes and aromas, and the guys will personally suggest the best way to match your chosen bun with one of the cocktails on offer.
We are all looking forward, towards a tasty and fun Saturday.

Fabric Bar
12 o’clock

Berlin-Sofia:connected - Redlake Circus & TDK

The Berlin psychedelic hardrock band Redlake Circus whose stage and circus performances captivate a diverse audience all over the world, will be visiting Bulgaria for the first time. This time the host will be the Bulgarian alternative rock band TDK, who will share the stage with their Berlin guests at club Void. Not long after the roles will turn, and in the spring of 2018 the two bands will conquer the German capital and other cities in Germany.

Expect a magical atmosphere and a psychedelic thrip along with unprecedented art performances for the Bulgarian club scene.

Club Void
Doors 8 pm
Start 9 pm

Geek spinner assembly workshop

The popularity of fidget spinners grows especially fast, but standard spinners do not offer many options other than a fast spin.

Hackafe decided to add a little electronics and LEDs to the spinner in order to get something more interesting, showing how many revolutions per minute it turns, how many turns it did, painting pictures and figures while spinning, having an interesting name - Geek Spinner.

Recall your soldering skills while having fun.

If you want to assemble a spinner please fill out this form, the numbers are limited:

You can also watch and help,

11 pm

Autumn feast of homemade beer

Plovdiv becomes the capital of the homemade beer! This year, the Association of Home Brewers, organizes its regular Fifth Autumn Festival in the cultural capital of Europe. Everyone who wants to try a homemade beer is welcome, and those who wish to brew one themselves will see how this happens.

Cat and Mouse
12 o’clock

Functional Fitness 2017 - Wake up, it’s time to lift!

After the hot summer and the smell of the sea, it is time to raise the speed with a sporting event where the participants will be able to show their strength and endurance, fight their opponents under the applause of the audience and challenge themselves in a very attractive race.

The overall goal of the sport event is to promote active and responsible attitude towards healthy lifestyle, physical activity, sport and training activities, by organizing a youthful fitness competition of the functional type on the territory of Plovdiv.

At the same time, we will try to find the best functional athletes not only in Plovdiv but also throughout the country.

The participants will be divided into three categories: women, men up to 85 kg and men over 85 kg.

The competition involves the implementation of three functional complexes, through which each participant will be able to challenge themselves and also compete with their opponents. All complexes will be conducted outdoors under the supervision of a judge to each participant.

Youth Center Plovdiv
8 am

8th October

Sports holiday with Kamato

Studio Kamato organizes a sports holiday for children and adults!
There will be different sports activities, and people of any age will have the opportunity to take part in at least one of them.
For children, both sports activities and games with prizes are provided. There will also be a corner where children can draw.
Each participant will also receive gifts such as cosmetics, breakfast cereals, ayrians, children's books, snacks and many more surprises.

Lauta Park
10.30 am

100 - #FF7A

Functional Fi7 Army are doing their hundredth workout. Spend a fruitful Sunday morning and fill yourself with energy.

Youth Hill
Meeting point: Central stairs, behind gas station Gazprom)
10.00 am