If you're in Plovdiv this weekend you can enjoy live performances, go to a cooking class or draw. And there's more

13th October

Friday night with Crew Republic and Brewforia.bg

One of the leading German craft breweries - CREW Republic appeared on the Bulgarian beer scene recently.

Driven by the motto "Craft Beer Is Not A Crime," the boys from CREW Republic are one of the pillars of the craft beer revolution in Germany. At the same time however they strictly adhere to the Beer Purity Act of 1516, which allows beer to be made only from water, malt, hops and yeast.

Cat and Mouse and brewforia.bg will introduce CREW Republic to the Plovdiv beer public.

They have prepared a special selection of the German craft brewery, which will include entirely new beers.

Cat and Mouse
6.30 pm


There is nothing scary in the fatal Friday night because guest of Fargo will be Ebbesen to present a DJ set full of gramophone records.

The selection will vary in a wide range - from disco, boogie, afro, brazilian, through house, electro, italo and everything in between.

The bar will present the Full Metal Jacket. They make it with a unique homemade blend of whiskey, fresh lemon, sugar syrup and egg whites - for connoisseurs of stylish drinks.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Contrabass Solo

Contrabass Solo in bar Contrabass. What is more thematic?

The bass player Vassil Hadjigrudev, who worked with distinguished musicians in free improvisation in the Netherlands, Berlin and Spain, will now compose melodies, musical textures, shapes and states.

Go unprejudiced and listen.

Bar Contrabass
9 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

14th October

Back2back with DJ Yoko Ono and DJ Bobcho Marley + Promo

За наш огромен късмет, ако оцелеем след Петък 13-ти, ще намажем с последното българско парти за 2017-та на Bobcho Marley и Yoko Ono! Отидете да се позабавлявате с дамите, преди да заминат да радват амстердамци :) Ще има и промоция на Капитан Морган.

For our great luck, if we survive after Friday 13th, we’ll be able to go to the last Bulgarian party of Bobcho Marley and Yoko Ono for 2017! Go to have fun with the ladies before they go to Amsterdam. There will be a promotion of Captain Morgan.

Free entry

Days of music in the Balabanov House

Days of music in Balabanov House will feature a rich genre program in two emblematic scenes - the Balabanov House and the SmallBasilica. On Saturday, the Swiss Chamber Jazz duo KOVA - ZAPPA will offer a musical language that goes beyond the boundaries of the different styles - classics, jazz, rock, funk to bring out the expressiveness and communication.

The Anglican Academic Folk Choir of AMTII - Plovdiv will sound the Small Early Christian Basilica under the expert guidance of its Chief Conductor Prof. Dr. Kostadin Buradjiev on Sunday. The choir has a wide range in the styles in its repertoire - from the spring folk songs of different regions of the country to multi-vocal works, author compositions created with avant-garde means of expression, ancient orthodox chants and others.

14th October
Balabanov House
6.30 pm

15th October
The Little Basilica
11.30 am

Let's draw meetup

Let’s draw meetup in Otsreshta J Bring sketch books and materials you love to work with. Everybody is welcome - amateurs, beginners and professionals. The idea is to meet, discuss interesting topics, and find interesting people for collaboration.

2 pm
Free entry

15th October

Cooking class

Най-новият веган ресторант в града, Ново здраве, ще ни запознае с полезните качества на зърнените храни – основен източник на енергия. Ще има презентация на различни рецепти, а накрая всички ще могат да похапнат от приготвеното.

The newest vegan restaurant in town, Novo Zdrave, will introduce us to the healthy qualities of the whole grains - a major source of energy. There will be a presentation of different recipes, and in the end everyone will be able to eat from the prepared.

Novo Zdrave
11.00 часа
Вход свободен

Sports holiday with Kamato

Studio Kamato organizes a sports holiday for children and adults!
There will be different sports activities, and people of any age will have the opportunity to take part in at least one of them.
For children, both sports activities and games with prizes are provided. There will also be a corner where children can draw.
Each participant will also receive gifts such as cosmetics, breakfast cereals, ayrians, children's books, snacks and many more surprises.

Lauta Park
10.30 am

ONE DANCE WEEK: Kalkuta Republic

The revolutionary-musical spectacle KALAKUTA REPUBLIC will close the 10th anniversary edition of
the festival of contemporary dance and performance ONE DANCE WEEK on October 15th at 7:30 pm
in Boris Christoff House of Culture in Plovdiv. Inspired and filled with the sound from the compositions
of the legendary Fela Kuti, a “father” of afro-beat and an unbending rebel against the junta in Nigeria,
this unusual dance performance tells about resistance to the great politics, about revolutions and
those who stand under their flags.

Kuti himself is considered a prototype of African opposition, because the sharp satire against the
regime, repression and colonialism in his albums “cost” him over 200 arrests. And much more - an
army pogrom over the Kalakuta Republic - Kuti's personal estate, which he proclaimed an
independent state in 1977.

KALAKUTA REPUBLIC is not just a story about the disobedient genius with a saxophone in hand,
who amazed the world with a mix of ethno rhythms, jazz and funk, but a lesson for all, especially for
today's artists, when positions are taken, when revolutions break up or protests fade out. A bright and sounding performance from Africa without masks and clichés. Africa in the global era that
choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly and his colorful dance troupe present to the audience with the
mere idea - to get to know each other and to think about what they will do when their turn comes to
rebel for change.

IN THE KALAKUTA REPUBLIC Serge Aimé Coulibaly magically combines music, dance and
the African Revolution.

House of Culture Boris Hristov
7.30 pm