If you are in Plovdiv this weekend you can enjoy contemporary art, refresh your summer wardrobe or have fun with cool DJ sets

Photo credit: George Prokopiev Photography

27th April

Absurd - but not so exposition

The exhibition ABSURD - BUT NOT SO presents four Austrian artists, who deal with the narratives and myths of the present and their social and mass media context. They question and deconstruct those aesthetic standards, as the exhibition title in its provocative non-logic suggests. In a very distinct way, the artists use a wide range of techniques, from traditional drawing and painting to digital printing, video animation, and spatial intervention.

ARGE EINWANDAUFBRUCH is an open artist-cooperation, basically consisting of

Titled THE ULTIMATE REALITY SHOW, they create for Plovdiv an ensemble of large-scale digital prints including the ground floor windows, thus connecting the gallery to the public space outside. ARGE EINWANDAUFBRUCH conceive their cooperation as a work in progress, expandable and adaptable in terms of content and space. Art – and above all graphics – is used as a laboratory of signs and poetic accentuation. Their themes arise from reflections on the 'Sleep of Reason', manifested in our globalized media culture and the monsters it gives birth to.

HÜSEYIN ISIK´S room installation LIVE BROADCAST FROM MY COFFIN consists of large-format drawings and about 10,000 copies, some of them colored, laying on the floor like weightless leaves in autumn. Thematically the installation deals with today's chaotic state of the world from the perspective of a rat, who lives in a coffin and broadcasts “live” the perspective of her circling eyes.

Hüseyin Isik’s work deals with the western view of the Orient - the romantic exotic depictions of the oriental world as a beautiful, carefree world in the East - and the brutal, warlike reality in the Orient of today. By that, the cliché of western representations becomes visible, attributions and accepted truths are exposed and apparent certainties must be questioned.

City Art Gallery
6 pm

The Flâneur and the Light Traps

Phases of Accumulation and Extraction in a Limited Space
Nina Kovacheva & Valentin Stefanov

The video installation Phases of Accumulation and Extraction in a Limited Space, explores the cyclical relations between the space, the matter, and the body. What do the viewers see? Four hands, working the most organic matter of all – the soil. Four hands, which with endlessly repeating movements fill and extract the space, limited by the windows (physical space, defined by the video installation). What is hidden behind the windows, what do the windows show from the building, from its habitants, from their activities? Do the hands live inside it? Are they there only to accentuate the building, or to call for an act of identification by the viewers? The questions remain unanswered until we stop until we spent some time with the moving images, an art, which exceeds the boundaries of the museum or the gallery, an art, which addresses the accidental passer-by, the internal world, the city.

27 April – 1 May 2018 – video installation Phases of Accumulation and Extraction in a Limited Space by Nina Kovacheva and Valentin Stefanov (France/ Bulgaria)
27 April, 18:00 – opening of the exhibition of drawings by Nina Kovacheva and Valentin Stefanov
27 April, 18:30 – meeting with the tandem Kovacheva/ Stefanov
28 April, 18:00 – “The cinema in the eyes of the flaneur” – lecture of Boris Minkov
28 April, 19:00 – discussion “The city and the visual culture”
29 April, 16:00 – literary workshop „Les effarés“ – participants:
Aksinia Mihaylova, Ina Ivanova, Kaloyan Pramatarov, Olya Stoyanova

The project is a part of the official programme Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019, under key project Kapana – Creative District, Focus – French Culture, in partnership with French Institute – Bulgaria.

Coffee&Gallery Cu29
6 pm

Spring Joined Tour NDR/Isaac Vacuum

Nameless Day Ritual’s tour calendar for 2018 starts with a small tour around BG, that you would really want to set an alarm on in your April schedule.

They’re making a joined tour with the German post-prog. rock machine ISAAC VACUUM/DE/. You’ll get the chance to see them Live for the first time.

Not only that, but their guitarist- Stefan Huth (ISAAC VACUUM/Touch Guitars) has prepared some crazy guitar stuff, a guitar workshop!
The guitar workshop before each show is called:

“A guide to two-handed tapping/introduction to Touch Guitars circle”. It’s an open one, so bring your own guitar and mash up with Stefan and check out his skills on two-handed tapping.

He’ll also introduce you to eight string guitars by Touch Guitars, so if you’re a guitar player it’s a Must Go!

Nameless Day Ritual are going to give away a bit more music from their upcoming album, which is going to be an absolute madhouse!

NDR are going fully electronic, ISAAC VACUUM are armed with eight-stringed weapons.

Rock Bar Download
8.30 pm

No Crew @The Post

Summer Friday, cool and a start of the weekend with No Crew!
Outdoors, on the balcony of the Post, somewhere around 7 pm. Around 9 pm we are moving in.

The Post
7 pm

Pop music nowadays

Pop music was formed back in the 1950s and went through as many metamorphoses as our society did.

Pop music is interesting, accessible, appealing to the broad audience ... and Vintage House has gathered a great lineup to remind you of its greatest hits.

Alexandra Ivanova - vocal
Konstantin Hristov - guitar
Christian Zhelev – percussion

Vintage House
9 pm

Spring tea Tatratea party in Basquiat

Spring is finally coming, and along with it, it is time for the next tea Tatratea Bulgaria party at Basquiat Cafe & Bar, this time with a spring accent.

Tatratea Bulgaria is distinctive - whether because of the purity, the beauty of the detail, the way of thinking ... Your heart will tell you. Follow it at Basquiat Cafe & Bar on Friday 27th April.

Basquiat Cafe & Bar
8 pm

Friday Marty Party Animals

Friday night we will awaken the animal instinct in you, no matter the zodiac sign, the ascendant, and the phase of the moon. Marty Party will take care of music and good mood.

FabricBar Plovdiv
8 pm

28th April

DJ ILKO at Gingertale

Saturday night the party is back at Gingertale! The unique DJ Ilko has prepared a stunning funk, disco & boogie selection. The dance floor is ours! The bar too! Gingertale cocktails and something else await us ...

9.30 pm

Sea bazaar VOL2

The bazaar season will be officially opened. For the second year in a row KinoCafe Plovdiv organizes a small themed bazaar with vintage and second-hand clothes from FREA. A sea selection will be presented in the beautiful courtyard of the café. They have prepared lots of stripes and dots, classic styles and sea patterns so you can be irresistible for your summer adventures!

KinoCafe Plovdiv
11 am

Rock Gallery with Kotze (Ivory Twilight)

The last Saturday of the month at Groove Music & Art is devoted to the heaviest music. The selection will be from Kotze, who is the drummer of Ivory Twilight and a fan of rock, heavy metal, and other interesting styles. The bar will surprise you with the best Bloody Mary and a variety of shots for every taste!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Dash the Effort / 8m/s / Tomorrow May Fall @Podleza

Dash the Effort return to Plovdiv! The band will present their new album, Decadence, which will be released in May.

Special guests:
8m/s & Tomorrow May Fall

Podleza Bar&Fun
Doors: 8 pm
Start: 9 pm
Entry: 7 BGN