At the end of May, the city is full of events, and something exciting is happening wherever you turn. Our favorite DJs have prepared their coolest sets and the bartenders are waiting for us with fresh cocktails

Photo: George Prokopiev

25th May

One Man Party at Void

Ivan Shopov and his four faces return to Plovdiv for an unforgettable seven-hour set with his original music in the drum and bass, dubstep, techno and ambient styles.

Cooh - drum and bass set
Balkansky - dubstep/folklore set
Ghost303 - techno set
Ivan Shopov - ambient set

10.30 pm
Entry: 6 lv. (on the spot only)

Opening of Colibri Pool Bar

On the ring road between Komatevo and Proslav, look for the bamboo umbrellas and don’t miss the official opening of the Colibri pool bar at 10 pm! Until 01.06.2018 the entrance will be free for all impatient beach people and party people.

Funky Delivery with Danymite

In this long, long weekend, the strong parties go down one after another and it looks like we're warming up for the upcoming summer holidays.

On our beloved Friday night, guest at the Post will be Danymite, who will make us a fast delivery of good music, but not with Bulgarian Posts. We’ll listen to summer funky songs, we’ll dance and drink as tradition dictates.

Bar The Post
7.30 pm

Mira Mohsen - Digital World

The author says: "I have been practicing digital painting for 3 years, which is very different from the technique of pencil and brush. I experiment constantly in search of the different, through the expression of shapes and colors. Basquiat is my great inspiration with the unmistakable charm in their paintings."

Basquiat Cafe & Bar
7 pm
Free entry

New beers from Metalhead

From this Friday in Kotka i Mishka you will be able to enjoy the beers of the newcomers to the Bulgarian craft scene, MetalHead Brewery.

The beers are two, both brewed in the Dutch brewery Oproer.
-Your Girlfriend’s Girlfriend… She’s your girl 2 - NEIPA with Citra, Amarillo, and Mosaic.
-Lickitup - APA with Calypso.

Kotka i Mishka
5 pm

26th May

Groove Boutique pres. MANU

Saturday night at Groove Music & Art will be MANU, who will bring fresh mood with his special DJ set - a boutique selection of deep and tech house.

Groove Music&Art
10 pm

Audiovisual performance by Mikhail Goleminov

Yet another event from the Special French Focus edition starts in Kapana - Audiovisual performance by Mikhail Goleminov (life electronics, video, original genre software)

Electronic, musique électroacoustique and musique concrète are a typically French phenomenon inspired by Futurism, whose father is considered to be Pierre Henry. The exceptional composer passed away quite recently, and this is another reason for him to be honored with a sound monument inspired by the spiritual heritage he left.

The scheduled performance has the potential to make the Bulgarian audience acquainted with an unfamiliar aspect of the French-speaking music avant-garde from the middle and the second half of the twentieth century.

The project sheds light on the personality, creative work and impulses to the future of music, in the context of the phenomenon Pierre Henri - a French composer who created and affirmed the notion musique électroacoustique and musique concrète. Today, these definitions are often used, but few are familiar with the roots of this music, which are in the Club d'Essai - the studio of the French Radio and Television in Paris.

The performance is in the form of an audiovisual collage with works by Pierre Henry, a combination of visualization and generative audio
environment, created in real time by a computer programme, specially designed by Mihail Goleminov as well as through the usage of virtual instruments.

Post-culture stage
Doors: 8 pm
Start: 9 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

Club VOID Closing with High Sounds

High Sounds is preparing its first event in Plovdiv, just as club Void is closing (naturally only for the season).

Line up:
Iveta Green
Local support: Vanio

11 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

A DJ Akasha Joint: Old To Da New Part V at Kanape Vibrant Media

#OldToDaNew is another #DJAkashaJOINT of carefully selected hip-hop covering key periods of the development of the club rap scene and its most distinctive characters over the years.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
10 pm

Mixology #9 guest bartender Seslav Petrov + music by Jun Yoshida

Seslav Petrov is dedicated to his work behind the bar, and his favorite activity is the preparation of cocktails with seasonal products. He works as a chief bartender at the newly-opened SiPi bar, but in the recent past, you may have spotted him in The Happy Pig or in a variety of bartending competitions.

The ninth Mixology will be impressive because, besides a guest bartender, there will be a guest behind the console, in the face of the ubiquitous chef and huge music lover Jun "Disco Pigg" Yoshida, who has repeatedly shown his skill in mixing musical cocktails predisposing to dance.

Club Fargo
9 pm

27th May

The Atelier - annual exhibition

The Atelier is the place for all who have dreamed of becoming artists and, even though their life has gone in a different direction, their hands are nagging for pencils and brushes. Their attempts, even when they are incomplete or timid, show that painting is another means of expression that everyone has the right to... When there is desire, there is work, there is a result.

Labyrinth Gallery
6 pm