This weekend we'll listen to funk, we'll dance swing and we'll go 10 years back in time

Photo: szopskasalata

18th January

Atanas Popov at BALLY CLUB

On Friday, the mood will be elevated because the young and talented DJ Atanas Popov has a name day! He will introduce us to his positive and festive DJ set where you will hear rhythmic Groovy Tech, reaching Underground and Tech House sound.

Bally Club
9 pm
Free entry

The sharp/the cultural

The time has come for the first Sharp party for 2019! And as this year is special there will be a more cultural theme. At least this time. The music will be in Hilla’s hands as always and the drinks will come from the hands of Misho.

The Post
8:30 pm

Funky Sailor with Fukko

We will celebrate with Sailor Jerry and funk by Fukko. Our favorite spice rum, named after the sailor and tattooist Jerry, this Friday is at a special price. Fukko is the sworn melomaniac, with whom we often party at the Discotheque, and now he has prepared a lot of funk!

9 pm

Swing Zoo Party

Calling All Party Animals! Put on the deer horns, cat's ears, or the raccoon masks. This Friday there’ll be a zoo swing party of Rhythm Raccoons!

We’ll warm up at 9:30 pm with the free Fun Moves Workshop, open to all levels. We will be doing new exciting swing movements to enjoy even more on the dance floor.

As always, the most experienced Plovdiv swing DJ Bogdan Kovachev has prepared a special selection of dance songs.

Bee Bop Café
9 pm

19th January

Live Out Loud w/ Ebbesen

It’s cold outside and this Saturday in The Post there will be a warm blizzard of fresh, funky, boogie rhythms selected by DJ Ebbesen. The bartenders await you with fresh (or warm) offers from the winter menu.

The Post
9 pm

Kapana'S'wings - Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Weekends

Lindy Hop Bulgaria conquers the city on the hills and Kapana (the Trap) will swing to madness! The new Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz weekend classes with Damyan (Jimmy) and Asya will introduce the beginners and develop the advanced in the endless joy called swing dances. Register now! What, when, and where? :


1 pm

Swinging Electro Tales

Swinging Tales continues their series with a new edition! Past and present will meet on the dance floor in the form of classic jazz tracks and explosive electric swing selections!

Lindy Hop Bulgaria will mark the beginning of Kapana'S'wings - Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Weekends with the charging presence of Jimmy Swings behind the decks and Lindy Hop Plovdiv in the face of DJ Asya will prove the proverbial hospitality of the Plovdiv people.

9 pm
Entry: 5 BGN

Tommy Riverra at BALLY CLUB

This Saturday, behind the decks at Bally Club, will again be the young and talented DJ Tommy Riverra. The music that describes him is characterized by deep bass lines, rhythmic elements, energetic, dynamic and melodic House, Deep, Tech, Afro, Electronica sound!

Bally Club
9 pm
Free entry

Progressive Elements pres. Anthony G

The Progressive Elements project and a special Saturday in January, when a special guest will be Anthony G. Behind the artistic pseudonym is Anton Angelov - one of the prominent names in the Progressive / Deep / Trabble House music, with which Bulgaria is again ranked in the world top charts. A longtime producer and manager of Display Recordings owned by the legendary Rick Pier O Neil Aka RPO.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Paranormal/Teraflora/Спални Места/В Пост Култура

Post-Culture invites us to a delicious alternative night when we’ll hear three turbo-cupcake bands.

The party is without age restrictions, the music will predispose you to:
-a fight
-to tell the person you like that you like them

The bands:
Paranormal (Plovdiv)
Teraflora (Sofia)
Спални Места (Sofia)

Post-culture Stage
7 pm

Ten years ago with Petnoto

Okay, we'll take part in the trend, but we won’t upload our photos from 10 years ago, but we'll have a Saturday night with the music we listened to back then. Selector will be the highly acclaimed DJ Agressor. There is not much more to say. High school memories, and not only. Bonus points (which, due to lack of a better currency, we will express with shots) for the first who guess all 30 pictures shown there!

10:30 pm
Free entry