This weekend we'll have fun with club music and original cocktails

Photo: wilicharakchiewa

25th January

Deep Trip Urban Edition

It's time for the second episode of Urban Edition, where Deeptrip's team will again present a little bit of their magic. In Lesson 2 we invited one of the founders of the organization, Tommy Riverra, will present his understanding of the deep musical experience with a set that will be recorded live. With his long experience and passion for music, he combines the typical underground sound, with playful elements and dense bass lines, and we are definitely looking forward to what he has prepared for us.

Vintage House
9 pm
Free entry

Dimitar Pavlov at BALLY CLUB

The young and talented DJ Dimitar Pavlov will visit the Bally Club last Friday of the month! He will show us his varied musical palette, full of dynamic and energetic sound, which will definitely make you dance.

Bally Club
9 pm

Startrax, movieman & Victor: Timing

Timing is a theme night with our favorite club music from 2000 until today, inspired by the golden times of Mania, Plazma, Chervilo and artists and DJs such as Remo, Simon & Shaker,
D-Formation, Audiofly, Satoshi Tomiie, Oliver Moldan, Guy Gerber, Layo & Buschwack!, Oliver Huntemann, Sasha, Pryda, Martin Garcia, Marcelo Vasami, Citizen Kain, Vesselin and labels such as Renaissance, SAW, Yoshitoshi, Bedrock . The music that inspired and united the Startrax, movieman & Victor project. The name of the event comes from the cult track of the same name -
Guy Gerber's "Timing" from 2009.

Post-Culture Stage
9:30 pm
Behind the decks: movieman & Victor
Entry: 5 BGN

Brain Mechanic | RAVI

This Friday, Groove Music & Art will host another Brain Mechanic party and RAVI will present an exclusive 6-hour DJ set - a journey through the depths of consciousness. Musical vibrations will flow smoothly from ambient and dub to energetic, festival techno.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

26th January


Pepo - always well prepared to surprise the audience in the best way. He is well known by fans of electronic club culture as one of the most respected DJs and successful producers in Bulgaria.

Bally Club
9 pm

The Lefties/Mindflux/Artificial Lungs @PCS

The Lefties arrived from Hisar to Hisar Kapia and this is no longer news. We will dig deep into the post-cultural space with them, and where we will wake up will be the mystery of the day. And while we can’t quite yet call them a Plovdiv band, their company for the evening will be entirely made up of local production. Artificial Lungs are already known to the inhabitants of our city and not only to them, and now they will introduce us for the first time on native soil their new bassist Konstantin. They have already teamed up with their Shumen counterparts on the stage of Post Culture. In this role will play the link between the third actors in the cultural soiree, namely Mindflux, the constantly fluctuating musical, personal, instrumental and ideological four-member composition, which will present its momentous manifestation after more than two years of silence and metamorphosis.

Post-Culture Stage
7 pm
Entry: 7 BGN

POLA Debut Concert @Bee Bop Café

Bee Bop Cafe will witness the debut concert of the new rock&roll/soul sensation POLA!

The legendary local bar will welcome local and internationally-renowned musicians, Pola Kutmanova, Angel Dyulgerov, Hristo Minchev, and Mladen Dimitrov will present their exciting new project, titled POLA. The band combines the captivating elements of 70’s soul music, electrifying rock&roll sound, and modern sound production into a never-heard-before project. POLA will perform songs from their debut album for the very first time and would like to invite fans of quality music to come and enjoy a memorable evening!

Bee Bop Cafe
9 pm
Tickets on the spot before the concert

Air Mail | DJ SKILL

This Saturday The Post, along with DJ SKILL, will bombard the air with a full arsenal of balanced tastes and quality music that will make us dance like "monkeys". And for a better mood Monkey Shoulder will support us with a 100% malt Scotch whiskey, which will unlock the "lazy" monkey in everyone.

The Post
9 pm

After Eight

Funk, Disco & Edits in 'After Eight' with Stan. Enjoy amazing cocktails and dance the night away.

9 pm