This weekend we'll listen to forgotten hits from the eighties and nineties, modern club sets and live music

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1st February

Soundforia at The Post

One of the pioneers of Plovdiv, Atanas Kostadinov (SOUNDFORIA), will come to The Post with a fresh organic selection of old school beats with alien bass! The music will overflow from an old island rave through Drum and Bass to New School Jungle.

The Post
9 pm

Ice juice

An epic, nostalgic, energetic, just a very atypical collaboration, born in a time of butterfly hair clips, biker mice from Mars and the eternal question: How did that Tamagotchi die? Again.

He will play and sing, she will sing… and then she’ll sing again. They’ll also do some original tracks to avoid drowning in nostalgia. The risk is real.

Kerana Kosmos

9 pm

Ska&Swing Party

There will again be old melodies in Fabric Bar. Mr. Mo is ready with energetic and captivating ska music and Mrs. Mi has prepared jazz classics for all lovers of swing dancing. As always there will be a delicious Fabric Premium Craft beer.

Fabric Bar
8 pm


This Friday Bally Club will again offer you another batch of nice and modern music, brought with a lot of good mood by DJ TODD!

Bally Club
9 pm

2nd February

Back to The 80's

This Saturday guest at The Post will be Lynn with 80’s rhythms. We’ll have fun and dance to already forgotten hits.

The Post
8:30 pm

Anton Avdzhiyski, Viktor Hubenov & Ivan Markov at Petnoto

On the men’s holiday in Petnoto there will be a men’s party. With men’s music, men’s drinks and special guests behind the bar and the decks. Of course, ladies are also invited.

9 pm

HiLLA l Kanape 2019

There is nothing to add to all this noise!

It is said to be a men’s holiday to stimulate the fertility of boys; in some places it is also considered a male analogue to the Babinden custom, and according to some researchers, it is the heir of an ancient Slavic feast in honor of hunting and beekeeping, when the new generation of hunters is accepted.

Boys and girls, this Saturday in Kanape will be HiLLA.

10 pm

smallman - Live at Rock Bar Download + Birthday AFTER Party

Smallman will play live in Rock Bar Download. This Saturday it is also the birthday of the cult bar so after the concert, there will be shots for everybody.

Rock Bar Download
Doors: 9 pm
Start: 10 pm
After party: midnight
There will be tickets for the smallman concert at Rock Bar Download at the price of 15 BGN exclusively in the EpayGo system and every EasyPay pay desk, as well as their partners OMV, Fantastico, Handy, Billa, and others. On the spot, tickets will be 20 BGN.

Guerrero at BALLY CLUB

Saturday night is again party time in Bally Club because DJ Guerrero will take care of fans of good and modern club sound.

Bally Club
9 pm

3rd February

Touch me not

TOUCH ME NOT looks at how we can find intimacy in the most unexpected ways, at how to love another without losing ourselves.
Together, a filmmaker and her characters venture into personal research about intimacy.

On the fluid border between reality and fiction, TOUCH ME NOT follows the emotional journeys of Laura, Tomas, and Christian, offering a deeply empathic insight into their lives. Craving for intimacy yet also deeply afraid of it, they work to overcome old patterns, defense mechanisms and taboos, to cut the cord and finally be free.
TOUCH ME NOT looks at how we can find intimacy in the most unexpected ways, at how to love another without losing ourselves.

Golden Bear & Best First Feature Award - Berlinale Official Competition 2018

Laura Benson, Tomas Lemarquis, Christian Bayerlein, Grit Uhlemann, Hanna Hofmann, Seani Love, Irmena Chichikova, Dirk Lange

Directed By
Adina Pintilie

On February 3 the director Adina Pintilie will be present and talk to the audience.

Lucky Cinema
5 pm
Tickets online: