This weekend we'll go on a pub crawl and visit all our favorite bars where they're waiting for us with quality DJ selections and mixed drinks

29th March

Voodooo People vol. 2 (rave party)

It is time for the second part of the theme rave party that took place on December 22, 2018 in Post-Culture Stage, inspired by the electronic scene of the 90s and the music of The Prodigy, Orbital, Underworld, The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers , Joey Beltram, Overseer and all the other major beat / breakbeat / jungle / techno / electronica artists of that time. We've had a great time and it's time to repeat it. An unfortunate event happened between the two parts - the death of Keith Flint, so "Voodooo People vol. 2" will be a tribute to The Prodigy's big frontman.

This time there will also be music after 2000.

Behind the board: movieman

There will be a thematic video.

Post-Culture Stage
9:30 pm
Entry: 3 BGN

Deep Dive In Plovdiv | Pesh

An event at Groove Music & Art that blends music and urban culture. Behind the board will be Pesh, who will take us to the depths and back. Bring the right mood!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

2 years Rated - M in The Post

On 28th March, the Rated - M show by Unkle Billy & Kalyas, with which the two DJs bring freshness to the otherwise monotonous Thursdays, is celebrating their second birthday!

So, on 29.03, after a wild celebration in the capital, the selectors will come to respect their friends and admirers in Plovdiv - namely in The Post.

In addition to enjoying a unique musical selection, you can also quench your thirst for quality mixed drinks specially prepared by the bartenders.

The Post
9 pm

30th March

Back to the '80s with Lynn

This Saturday, we will make a musical journey to the decade of big hair, colorful clothes, denim, tape recorders, walkmans, and the already forgotten tapes. Let the spring spirit mingle with the memories of the past days with the favorite party hits of the 80s!

The Post
9 pm

Etnodelika 2.1: Kopriva + Bass Naroden

Calling all sound lovers, travelers, and curious souls! Etnodelika welcomes Kopriva and Bass Naroden for a special LIVE edition of ETNODELIKA: a nomadic journey through sound! Come join us for a night of live performances, featuring the magic of KOPRIVA and the Balkan dub ‘n’ bass vibes of Bass Naroden.

10 pm
Free entry