This weekend we'll have cocktails with gin, enjoy acoustic interpretations, and dance to a cool musical selection

5th April

Acoustic Ahead @Contrabass

Acoustic Ahead is a project born from the love of two acoustic guitar musicians.

The format of two (and more :-)) guitars, has proven a good combination and Plamen and Grigor, are going to show us the palette of opportunities it offers.

You can enjoy their interpretations of swing, jazz, bossa nova, gypsy jazz, funk, blues, and pop.

 9 pm

GiN OutPost

When was the last time you wrote a letter? This Friday, you can write one of the bartenders in The Post and drop it in one of the colored mailboxes there. Along with this, you can also try 3 Whitley Neill cocktails.

If you don’t know Whitley Neill Gin, you will immediately feel an adventurous touch - combining a blend of innovative ingredients such as cape gooseberries and the fruit of the baobab, Whitley Neill also contains traditional gin spices such as juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel, angelica root, apricot bark and root of iris.

One Friday, a gin inspired by Africa and the world, and you.

The Post
9 pm

6th April

No Sense presents: Demyosour & Flower

This Saturday No Sense invites us to a slightly different party. Coming from the old school, from Gramophone, one of the iconic bars of the past, the selectors Demyosaur & Flower promise a serious musical selection of scrambled eggs, mish-mash, stuffed peppers and a few other spices they won't name. Expect a space selection from Old School and Bulgarian Hip Hop / Rock / Trap / Jungle / Drum and Bass under the heading " Something for everyone".

No Sense
9:30 pm

Dumbfound / Morrum / Prnrml / Mindflux Live @PCS

Everyone chooses what to believe, and reality is greatly distorted by these beliefs. Fate or just unexplained forces pointed to the place, date, and actors involved in this musical and full of soulful fluids event. Believe that you are part of the diversity, and let your evening be distorted by Dumbfound, Morrum, PRNRML, Mindflux.

Post-Culture Stage
Doors: 6:30 pm
Start: 7 pm

X2805 at Groove

This Saturday at Groove Music & Art will once again be an artist with long-standing participation in the underground music scene. Under his alias x2805, he often remains inconspicuous to the general public, but this doesn’t prevent him from further developing his musical taste and skills as a DJ. The mixes of x2805 are highly eclectic and dance, with almost everything from nu disco and afro to quality deep and progressive house, and why not techno!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm