We're going on an urban adventure once again this weekend. We'll listen to rock, we'll swing and we'll search for freedom

10th May


This Friday one of the pioneers on the club and electronic scene in the country – Pacho, will take care of the good mood in Bally Club. He is one of the most famous and proven DJs in the Balkans. More than 20 years of hard work and collaborative work with colleagues and producers all over the world speaks eloquently about his development.

Bally Club
9 pm
Free entry

Swing Magic Party

Put on your magic shoes and your pointed hat - Bee Bop Café will have a magic swing party!

The bar will host miracle potions for courage and creativity while DJ Bogdan Kovachev enchants the dance floor with musical spells for a good rhythm.

If you still don’t have the magic of swing dances, come to a free workshop for beginners from Rhythm RACCOONS.

In front of the bar, there’s free parking for flying brooms and carpets.

Bee Bop Café

Rock Them ALL 2 / DJ Golliath

We have no limits - Rock Them ALL! We mix musical styles and beer with 40-degree pleasures. The walls of Rock Bar Download will crack under the sounds of our favorite "ugly" music... or? Whoever allows themselves to attend and remember this party will be cursed! After DJ Golliath's first set, he has something big prepared for us again...

Rock Bar Download
10 pm

Searching for freedom

This month will be presented the work of three young artists, which aims to introduce us to their reflections and spontaneous inspiration on the subject. For freedom as the revelation of the many, though sometimes contradictory, human beings, of the possibilities to experiment, thus expanding our personal boundaries and freedom as a provocation to awaken us from the dream of the mind.

Mihaela Argilakshka, Nadezhda Ra and Georgi Gerov are THE CREATORS that will be revealed to you, presenting their graphic, painting and innovative works.

7 pm

11th May

Cuban Weekend 2

Cuban Weekend is back! Get ready for an intensive weekend, full of classes from national and international artists and a crazy party with Cuban music at its finest!  

Workshops venue: Temporadas Social Center, bul. “Sankt Peterburg” 59, 4023 Plovdiv
Party venue: Estrella Bar&Dinner, bul. “Bulgaria” 136, 4003 Plovdiv

You can buy tickets online here.

For whom the bell tolls?

This is Ina Dobreva's first independent project, inspired by a personal story. In 2012 one soap at one particular moment transforms the aroma and the sense of closeness into an eternal memory. This story imperceptibly translates the search for truth into the interest of the meaningful dimensions to which soap refers, blowing up the human consciousness.

Traveling in time and space naturally takes the author to the authentic Bulgarian soap “Kambana", which is a focus of the exhibition “For whom the bell tolls?” and carries us in the past and in the memories and reinforces the feeling that "Soap has its own soul". Ina Dobreva follows the historic path of “Kambana" soap since its creation in the early 20th century and tells its story nowadays. The project seeks to rediscover a well-known object and its qualities and role in the context of our time.

The author examines the changes in today's perception of values. Memory, purification and the future with their ambivalent nature are of great interest to her, giving a rise to controversy and questions. Can we forget the past and do we really want it at all? Are we looking for shelter in the past, or rather we can not escape from its dark shadow? Where does the direction we choose to take could lead us?

Coffee&Gallery Cu29
11 – 24 May
Opening: 11 May, 7 pm


This Saturday, DJ TODD will select the best hits of all times you'll enjoy with a drink in hand, in the company of good and smiling friends.

Bally Club
9 pm
Free entry

Jazz In The House With Pepi And Pavel

It is no secret to anyone that when they gather together, they evoke thousands of emotions per minute! Pavel Petkov and Pepa Dragoeva have prepared something new and exciting for you! As always, Peppi doesn’t cheat on her style... and this time we're surprised! Jazz In The House! Something new and exciting, or as she says, "We dive in the deep again." Jazz will be sung and that's it!

Vintage House
9:30 pm
Free entry

Double Trouble Tele Swing Party


The more the merrier! This time we decided to challenge the space-time continuum and to get into double trouble with Lindy Hop Bulgaria and Lindy Hop Plovdiv! For the first time you will have the opportunity to "be" simultaneously not only in two cities, but at two swing parties as well. We will broadcast live between Gingertale and the halls in NDK and the musical selection will be split between Plovdiv and Sofia DJs! So following the theme, one of bar Спутник/Sputnik finest barmen Hristo Denichin (3oz Bartenders Crew) will land behind Plovdiv's favourite bar as the perfect partner in our double crime!

9:30 pm