Ideas for a nice winter day in the city under the hills

Perhaps the most normal reaction of anyone who realizes that it’s winter outside is to hide at home where it is warm and not go out at least until spring. However, we at Lost in Plovdiv tried to collect a few things that make it worthwhile to ignore the cold and the biting wind and have a great time in the beloved city. Each season has its charm and Plovdiv offers us some interesting entertainment and places that we shouldn’t miss:

The ice rink next to the post office - the largest open ice skating rink on the Balkans is available during the winter season for guests and residents of the city. A favorite place for children, teenagers, and all those who dare to put on the skates. It has an area of 1400 square meters and welcomes skaters from 10 to 22 hours, and the rental of skates is for two leva. The entrance is five leva.


The Christmas Bazaar in the Kapana Creative District (22.-26.12) - the first conceptual Christmas event transforms the streets of Kapana in a real Christmas town. It features a unique Christmas atmosphere and a lively festive spirit.

Museums and galleries in the city - the cold winter days are the right time to walk through the impressive buildings and look at the numerous collections of the History Museum, Archaeological Museum and all those buildings that carry a lot of history and information, but especially through the warmer months we overlook them in favor of the good weather outside.

A large glass of hot chocolate with a lot of cream –well, it’s winter, summertime and beach are far away, so we can afford to neglect the rules of our dietary regime for a moment and give in to a tempting pleasure. Some of our team's favorite places can be found HERE.

Indoor swimming - A list of the pools where we can swim and keep in shape, can also be found at this link. You only need a swimsuit, swimming cap and a few hours to relax in the embrace of the water and to let the waves lead you. We started daydreaming here and we want the sea to be closer but for now the 25 - meter pools will do the job.

Visiting a spa center - after training, the muscles relax best in the relax zone. There is also a place where you can avoid stress and relax in a pleasant environment. You should expect a more detailed article about the places for relaxation.

The holiday decoration of the city - at the beginning of December Plovdiv started to shine and the night walk in the central street is worth it, at least because our city looks impressive and as if it is in a Christmas mood itself and in anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

Photo credit: lxlmarinalxl

Concerts on the square - every year, around Christmas and New Year's Eve there is a rich and varied program on the square that everyone who loves this type of events shouldn’t miss. Both amateur ensembles and popular bands and performers perform on stage.

Mulled wine at Eddy's - every Saturday night in December on the open terrace of the restaurant you can enjoy a glass of mulled white or red wine under the sound of musical accompaniment of violin and guitar.

Snowball fight and games in the snow - and last but not least, who would refuse some winter fun... Unfortunately, in the city of the hills it isn’t snowing as often as we want it to, but at the very moment, you notice the dance of snowflakes, grab your hat and gloves and enjoy the winter fairy tale outside.

How do you like to spend the winter days and nights in Plovdiv? The hashtag #lostinplovdiv is always active to share your snowy adventures and footage.