А short list of fun activities that will rewire us for the new season and remind us that every time has its charm.

Cover photo: George Prokopiev Photography

We imperceptibly left the carefree summer days behind. The first autumn day has already passed and with it the holiday mood, and somewhat the warm weather. The mornings are already cool and the wind blows our hair in a variety of hairstyles, and in the evening the last sun rays are a sign that it is time to put a jacket on and drink something warm.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills has decided that today is the right time to compile a short list of fun activities that will rewire us for the new season and remind us that every time has its charm.

Such are all the green areas currently in the city under the hills - fascinatingly silent and covered with many different shades. Now is the perfect time to grab the camera or turn on the phone's camera and look around. The leaves are already flowing from green to yellow, red, they haven't covered the ground with a thick carpet yet, and the sun rays peek timidly from among them in the warmer hours. You may remember our photo story last year for the autumn in Plovdiv and maybe it's time for some new shots with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv.

Grab a tasty caffeinated drink from one of our favorite places and spend the afternoon in the park, sunbathing. Of course, for all who like to always be active, the weather is still appropriate to explore Plovdiv on a bicycle while enjoying the autumn garment of the city.

Spend a windy or autumn day in one of Plovdiv's museums or go round the expositions at the houses in Old Plovdiv. Every first Thursday of the month is free of charge for certain groups of people, but even if you can‘t take advantage of this discount, buy a combined ticket. Let yourself be enchanted by the pearl of the Old Town - the Klianti House, or indulge in the spirit of Filibe in the most popular place for worldly conversations - Nedkovic House. The time travel is guaranteed to take you to a totally different era and to a world of different order that still fascinates and astonishes us.

Go to the most beautiful village in the Rhodopes – Kosovo and leave yourself to the timelessness. Especially in the tense working week, the escape in the mountains of similar places, where the clocks have frozen decades ago, is a reason to leave modern technology behind and eat something delicious in the local pub called Carefree Life. Because there we realize that we don’t need much but just a little relaxation.

Open our list of 10 things you must do in Plovdiv and we challenge you to do them all for a weekend. Moreover, the dark beer and beverages season is just around the corner and we can’t wait for all the new suggestions that await us at our favorite restaurants.