In the heat of summer, the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv will give you some ideas for spending your free time indoors and in the comfort of the cool air conditioning


Taking walks between June and September, especially at noon and in the afternoon, is a real challenge. Much of the major landmarks in the city of the seven hills - the Ancient Theater, the hills, the Old City - are associated with walking on heated streets and in high temperatures, this turns into a sauna rather than sightseeing.

In the heat of summer, when the temperatures in the city under the hills are quite high, the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv will give you some ideas for spending your free time indoors and in the comfort of the cool air conditioning.

Visiting a museum/gallery                                               

In the year in which Plovdiv bears the title of European Capital of Culture, a visit to the museums and galleries is a must. If you have already toured and viewed all the exhibits, we recommend that you don’t miss the newly opened Kapana Gallery. The much-anticipated cultural center opened in mid-July in place of the iconic Detmag. The new two-storey exhibition area is multifunctional, very well lit, air-conditioned and meets all requirements for the display and preservation of fine art. In addition, the Kapana Gallery is suitable for all kinds of events; there are also conference rooms, depots for works of art and service premises. The environment is also accessible to people with disabilities thanks to the modern elevator installed. The two floors also connect two staircases on the south and north sides of the place. On-site, you can enjoy nearly 110 works by Plovdiv artists and foreign artists who participated in plein airs under the hills, located on the walls of the city's largest exhibition hall.

Movie screening

Well, there is no way to watch a new movie on the big screen at the iconic Balkan Cinema building, but there are still plenty of cinemas in the City under the hills to find the latest titles.

Spending the afternoon with a book in your hand

Last week, we showed you our favorite places under the hills, where time in the world of books goes by literally for seconds. This is also one of our most preferred alternatives to escaping the midday heat. You order an ice-cold beverage, get comfortable, and immerse yourself in the fantasy world.

Board games

And if you have company, board games are another fun way to kill the few hours in which the sun ruthlessly shines over the city. There is no board game club in Plovdiv, but there are plenty of places to choose from or bring your own. Zelenata rabotilnitsa, Cat and Mouse, Central Perk, 9 ball are some of the places where we are sure you’ll find something suitable.

Escape rooms

We have repeatedly suggested them as alternative entertainment, but the fact is that they are gaining popularity among young and old. An activity that you can organize for both your friends and your child. You usually have 60 minutes to solve several puzzles of a different nature. For some, you will need logical thinking, for others - skillful hands, and for thirds - just to be observant enough.

Shopping in malls

Space, coolness and quite a variety of options for relaxation, fun and even doing some annoying tasks like paying phones, dry cleaning and more. In malls, one can really spend an entire day starting the morning with aromatic coffee, continuing with shopping for clothes, accessories, and shoes, eating lunch and then finishing with a movie or a book. For a walk in the first mall under the hills you can check out our article Mall Plovdiv –a whole day only for me, where the temperature is always constant, the weather - cloudless and the heat and cold - stay out.

And where do you spend the hot days in Plovdiv?