Something interesting is happening everywhere in Plovdiv this week. Argentinian wine tasting or multilingual meetup - here's what else you can do

Photo: Victor Tsonev

25th September

Karaoke night in Fabric

FabricBar Plovdiv loves to start the week with big smiles to keep them going until next Monday. That is why Monday night in the cult Plovdiv bar is assigned to karaoke with the crazy Zornitsa who doesn’t choose who can and who can’t sing – there’s only one condition – to drink and not to care when you go on the stage!

Fabric Bar
Free enrty

26th September

Drawing of a model

Club Neshtoto starts the drawing activities again. People will be able to try different techniques and materials – watercolors, tempera paints, charcoal, oil paints, mixed technique and more, according to one’s preferences.

The course is suitable both for adults without experience who want to improve their skills, and for students who want to prepare for their practical exams. In addition to these activities, everyone who wants to train individually in different areas of art, could take part. Tanyo Pavlov will lead the activities and help the painters. The materials are provided by the club. Drawing of a single etude will continue 2-3 weeks which means 4-6 hours.

Club Neshtoto
Entry: Donation

27th September

Rutini Wines at Vinopoly

Vinopoly invites you to an exclusive tasting of wines from the 130-year-old Argentine cellar - Rutini Wines. The guest of the evening will be the company's export manager, and visitors will have the opportunity to learn interesting facts and taste the different wines Rutini Wines offer on the Bulgarian market.

Vinopoly Markovo Tepe
For reservations:
0879 44 44 42

28th September

Language Cafe Plovdiv

JCI Plovdiv will host another #LanguageCafe in Plovdiv. At exactly 8PM Bulgarians and foreigners from all over the world will gather in order to practice their language skills in free conversations, to network with each other and to build strong bonds between their nations.

What can #LanguageCafe give to you:
- An oppurtunity to practice foreign languages with native speakers
- Many new contacts and friendships with young and energetic people
- Never-to-be-forgotten experience
- An opportunity to learn more about JCI Plovdiv and how you can become part of the positive change in our city.


Java Beer in Cat and Mouse

Do you know what’s better than one beer?  Two beers and some Java talking! And even more from both! Cat and Mouse, the home of craft beer at the heart of Kapana district, will gather all Java fans under one roof at the 4th edition of Java Beer in Plovdiv. Food and drinks are provided by Vertinity Labs Ltd and the event is a great opportunity for networking in a nice friendly atmosphere with a cold craft beer.

Cat and Mouse

The Dalmore Sampling

The Whisky Library will take us directly to Northern Highland, the Dalmore distillery.

The Dalmore has always been one of the most popular and luxury brands of Scottish single malts whisky. Perfected in the last century and a half, The Dalmore's creation technology rests on four fundamentals:
• traditional yet unique process of destilation
• maturing in a rich palette of barrels
• mixing of the batches by the eccentric, hearty perfectionist Richard Patterson
• final aging in special hand-picked barrels previously containing bourbon, sherry, burgundy, port, maradea, marsala and other beverages

Don’t miss learning many more interesting facts in the company of five products:

- The Dalmore 12YO
- The Dalmore Vintagе
- The Dalmore 15YO
- The Dalmore 18YO
- The Dalmore Cigar Malt

The Whisky Library, Imperial Plovdiv Hotel & Spa
35 lv.
Places are limited, bookings are accepted until they are filled.
Reservations: 032 604 778 /5pm-3am/, 0890 96 55 55 /8am-5pm/