Something exciting is happening every day in Plovdiv. Board games, foosball tournament and language cafe are just some of the things we're going to do this week

Photo: Ilko Randzhev

22nd January

The Майнаgement Hot-House

Hot-House - a form of additional, intense education activity to supplement and enhance performance/outcomes

Nice, so what’s actually happening?

It's a free, informal workshop(s) to develop general employability, promotability, and skill for being a better manager and (hopefully) leader.

How will it go down?

With the kind support of artnewscafe, we’re going to run a 2-hour test session on management development. Anyone with ambition, passion, an open mind and sense of commitment will be very welcome. You’ll also need to bring a thick skin and sense of humor.

And who is doing this exactly?

Andrew Jardine (AJ) is a nomadic, systems thinking, Doughnut buying, Flow seeking L&D activist currently based in Plovdiv. The designer/deliverer for various international training products, performance improvement specialist, creator of The Five Cs Organisational Development Model and frustrated film maker/writer of odds and sods.

Hmmmm? Can I get some more detail?

Workshop(s) run on the principle of Action Learning (sharing / learning from each other), and if successful, continue on the basis of a rolling curriculum - every workshop writes the next…

For this test session we will (try to) cover:

Action Learning & how come it’s so awesome
Spans of control
Appraisal / Performance Review
The WHY Paradox
What’s Important? (Business / Manager / Staff)
The purpose and use of Vision, Mission & Values
The mighty takeaway (yes, it’s kinda like homework…)
We close with a little evaluation and review of what we might cover next time…

What else do I need to know?

Just bring your brain and a working pen/notebook to Art News Cafe on Monday 22nd Maina! We start at 7:30 pm.

7:30 pm

23rd January

Getting acquainted with board games

The Youth Association for the Peace and Development of the Balkans, The Rise of Dice - Board Games Society and Podleza Bar & Fun challenge all who board games to introduce us to their achievements as well as try something new that they have not played so far, all hesitating, to come and try the available games to make sure, and all unwilling to play board games to try!

Podleza Bar&Fun
6 pm

24th January

The Goodiepal Equation

Screening of the documentary about the impressive Faroe wanderer, DJ, activist, trickster, millionaire, and a man of the new millennium - Goodiepal. Concert by his band Goodiepal & Pals and introduction by the Bulgarian drummer Florian Demirev, who slept in the bushes in England and in a toilet in Germany, and was almost eaten by a bear in the Alps.

By the end of the summer of 2017, Florian Demirev made an unexpected bicycle and hitchhiking trip from England to Bulgaria. Stopping in Hungary, shortly before the Serbian border, he met Pal- Faroe Islander, bonkers, well-educated, inquisitive and traveling with a little folding bicycle. Then followed a friendly two-hour walk in the emergency lane under the starry sky that left a mark on both of them. In Serbia, they separated but remained in contact. Subsequently, Florian realized that he has become acquainted with Goodiepal himself - a complex and unrecognizable person who can impress and inspire everyone.

It turns out that there is a documentary for Pal (Kristian Parl Bjørn Vester) describing his trips with his own cabin bicycle, which he toured with around Europe and powered his laptop during his performances. Yes, Pal is a DJ, but not just that. Subsequently, his bicycle and possessions became part of the exhibition of the National Museum of Denmark. Today, along with his Goodiepal & Pals band, he volunteers to help migrants and homeless people in Belgrade.

Post-culture Stage
7 pm
Entry: 6 lv.

25th January

Fabric Unplugged: Pierre Ma live

Pierre Ma, eclectic musician from Brussels, travels into various musical styles like a globetrotter,
from blues to jazz, to hip-hop, rock, oriental music, African music… He loves to improvise around his personal compositions, creating a spontaneous show full of energy.

Fabric Bar
9 pm
Entry: 2 lv.

Foosball Tournament!

First Foosball Tournament in the new Download!
- You have to sign up with your partner.
- It’s played in pairs.
- Draw lots.
Each team enters a group with three more teams and plays every two in three games. The best two of the group continue to the semifinals, then finals.
- The prize for the winning pair is a bottle of whiskey.
Entrance fee 5lv. (per person).

Rock Bar Download
8 pm

Language Cafe Plovdiv - January 2018

We all know that the best thing to do on a cold winter night is cuddle up by the fire or play some board games with friends. Well, they don't have a fire there but fortunately, they have all sorts of fun games which you can play with different people speaking all kinds of foreign languages.

What can #LanguageCafe give to you:
- An opportunity to practice foreign languages with native speakers
- Many new contacts and friendships with young and energetic people
- Never-to-be-forgotten experience
- An opportunity to learn more about JCI Plovdiv and how you can become part of the positive change in our city.

8 pm