This week in Plovdiv you can learn some new things and have fun with our selection of events

Photo credit: Charakchiewa ♐ (@wilicharakchiewa)

Three Years Plovdiv Cultural Institute

The team of the Plovdiv Cultural Institute has prepared a real holiday week from 5 to 11 February to take care of our body, energy, and mood.

Plovdiv Cultural Institute
5-11 February

Beer Pong tournament @Podleza bar&fun

It's time for Beer Pong tournament #2! Get your balls wet! Go thirsty and hungry for victory! And for the best team, there will be prizes too!

You can sign up on the day of the tournament by 8.30 pm or by texting Podleza. The entry fee for a team (2 people) is 10 BGN.

7th February
Podleza bar&fun
8 pm

Become a Better Feedback Giver in Biz Labs Toastmasters Club

Here is what to expect from a Toastmasters meeting:
You will hear two or three prepared speeches by our members, then our evaluators will make their best to point out the best parts of these speeches and what could be improved. You, as a guest, will have the opportunity to learn how a feedback should be given. After a short break, it is time for our special guest Kalina Lazarova who is going to spread a new information about toastmasters new educational program Pathways.

7th February
Biz Labs
7 pm

This week in Plovdiv you can also take a walk in the Old town, drink tea or wine, or take advantage of our ideas for a date that is not dinner and a movie.