This week in Plovdiv as expected we'll enjoy wine and love. But there's more - short and documentary films, poetry, art and retro movies

12th February

Exhibition "Hidden Dreams" Ralitsa Burova

Ralitsa Burova invites us to the exhibition "Hidden Dreams" for a glass of wine and at least one dream.

Business Hotel Plovdiv
6 pm

No Sense / Cocktail Night

Your favorite bartenders at No Sense will take care of your cocktails to be made with a lot of alcohol and love (ask them for the promos). Your Happy Hour is from 8 pm till 11 pm.

No Sense
8 pm

Handmade Valentine's Market

At the Handmade Valentine's Market in Mall Markovo Tepe, you will find unique handmade gifts. The participants are 15, selected specifically for the holiday! You will find cards, decorations, candles, jewelry, leather goods, cosmetics, textiles! The bazaar will be located at Level 1 next to the escalators. Bring joy to your loved ones with boutique holiday gifts!

Mall Markovo Tepe
12-14 February

13th February

Vazrazhdane Gallery and the duo M. Ivanova – S. Kirchev

The third exhibition of the duo Ivanova-Kirichev in the Vazrazhdane Gallery is again an occasion for light feelings, astonishment, and celebration. This time the two artists unite around the horse, a symbol of itself for centuries. The authors have researched all the myths, subtexts, legends. They seek the perfection, the freedom, the charm and the metaphysical nature of the animal. Trying to manipulate the materials they use not to restrict their ideas and concepts, but rather to give them a basis for what can’t be said but can be depicted. The exhibition is rich in aesthetic inspiration and a lot of beauty and charm.

Vazrazhdane Gallery
6 pm

14th February

Tasting and Live Jazz

The evening of Valentine’s Day or Trifon Zarezan, or just on February 14, Contrabass will open especially for the tasting of the new wine at the St. George winery. In addition to white, red and colorful wines, there will also be raspberry, blueberries and various liqueurs. There will also be some very special guests who will play live jazz:


Bar Contrabass
7.30 pm

Retro movie night - Grease

Changing the setting from Chicago to sunny California, and adding disco rhythms to the iconic music of the 1950s, producer Allan Carr and director Randal Kleiser turned the Broadway hit into the biggest blockbuster for 1978. Teenagers Danny (John Travolta) and Australian student Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) fall in love under the burning rays of hot summer.

With the beginning of fall, however, they have to return to the boredom of school life. Danny is a "bad boy," and he has to pretend to be nonchalant in front of the gang but in fact his feelings for Sandy are unchanged. Announcing his love in ballads like "hopelessly devoted to you" and "Sandy," Danny and Sandy split, then get back together and split again in a whirlwind of crazy dancing, divine music, and all sorts of adventure before admitting, "You're the one, who I want "at the climax of the film.

KinoCafe Plovdiv
7.40 pm
Free entry

Wine/Love14th February

The first wine from the PLOVEDIV line is a wonderful piece of cabernet and merlot. Multi-layered taste combining the abundance of sunny Thrace. A sophisticated scent, satisfying even the most spoiled taster.

On the day of love artnewscafe and PLOVEDIV rely on having a good time and meaningful conversations. So if you are alone on this day, go have a drink or two, or three ...

7 pm

Follow your Heart

TATRATEA and No Sense present shots for lovers as well as shaker promotions. Ask the promoters of the prizes they have prepared for love and happiness. Wednesday will be very ... Lovely!

No Sense
10 pm

15th February

Retro movie night - Nothing Hill

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is the most famous movie star in the world. Her photo is on the cover of every magazine. Whenever she does something, the whole world knows about it. William Thaker (Hugh Grant) is the owner of a bookstore. His business is slow, his roommate is hell, and after his divorce, his love life is in absolutely missing. Both of them seem to be missing something or someone. And when the roads of Anna and William suddenly intersect in the Notting Hill eclectic neighborhood, a romantic relationship is the last thing that goes through their minds.

KinoCafe Plovdiv
7.40 pm
Free entry