This week in Plovdiv is female! Nice cocktails, interesting exhibitions, and delicious events

5th March

Exhibition opening and demonstration of Ebru's technique

Associate Professor Shemseddin Zia Dagli arrives in the city under the hills at the invitation of the diplomatic mission to immerse us in the magic of painting on water. He is a university lecturer in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Akdeniz University of Antalya.

Trakart Cultural Center
4 pm

International Absinthe Day

On March 5 we celebrate the International Absinthe Day. The event will be abundantly filled with absinthe and garnished with aniseed desserts. All this will happen under DJ Skill's musical accompaniment.

Absinthe House
7 pm

7th March

Scent of a woman

The Plovdiv Gallery will welcome all those fascinated by the beauty of life, the waking spring and the desire to immerse in a better and more beautiful world - the world of the woman. This is a world of spirituality, intuition and gentle creativity, in whose intoxication we dream to get out of the gray evil day and voluntarily sink into its magic.

Plovdiv Gallery
6 pm

Speech Landscape - Exhibition by Anelia Raikova

Anelia Raikova will present her first exhibition to the audience of Plovdiv in the cozy space of the Labyrinth Gallery. Extremely fine person and artist, her paintings are poetry and delight to the eye.

Labyrinth Gallery
6 pm


On the eve of March 8, bar Craft invites you to a romantic milonga. Mata will take care of the beautiful music.

Bar Craft
8.30 pm
Free entry

Beer Pong tournament @Podleza bar&fun

The third edition of the Beer Pong tournament. Go thirsty and hungry for victory! And for the best team there will be prizes too!

Podleza bar&fun
8 pm
Fee for a team (2 people): 10 lv.

8th March

Knife and Shaker in CraftЪ

The third event of the delicious duo Knife and Shaker is already a fact. This time, Petko Sharankov and Mihail Uzunov are visiting one of the newest and most interesting places in the craft district of Kapana, namely bar Craft. This time the surprises are a lot, so plan ahead.

The third edition of Knife and Shaker will conquer Craft in not one, but two evenings! The dates are 8th and 9th March and they aren’t not chosen by accident. Delicious food and cocktails will welcome the guests two nights in a row, each of which will be dedicated to a separate theme.

Bar Craft
5 pm

Resident's Night: Yours Truly

We will celebrate the ladies’ day this Thursday with a passionate music selection from Fargo's resident Yours Truly and great cocktail suggestions at the bar!

Fargo Club
9 pk

Gothic Industrial Soiree

For a slightly different March 8 ...

For music and good mood will take care of the great:
DJ Lilith
DJ Silentium
DJ Narcis88

Podleza Bar&Fun
Free entry

8th March

For all ladies! This holiday is for you! On this occasion behind the bar at Rock Bar Download will be Tony A., Jessica Danielova Fileva, Magdalena Kostadinova! We'll get trashed!

Rock Bar Download
8 pm
Free entry

Passion Kitty Week

On March 8, the bartenders will take care of the ladies who will be celebrating at Barber & Cat. Naturally, the focus will be on their favorite drinks. They have prepared four cocktails - a real delight for the senses. And what they are, you will find out on the spot.

On this female day, of course, they have not forgotten the fragile and sensitive male soul, which doesn’t like to be overlooked, even on March 8 - for it only classical cocktails without surprises and extra tension... the day will be hard enough.

8 pm

8 March in Kanape

The team of Kanape will make sure to give the warmth and attention of all ladies, to make them smile and shine. Lin Daa will take care of the good music, and you only have to attend.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
9.30 pm
Free entry