Once again we’ve selected the most exciting events under the hills so you don’t feel lost in Plovdiv

Photo: Victor Tsonev

9th October

Who hid my beer?

A week of draft beer, for the last time this season. There will be lots of beer, and for those who order more than two, there will be additional compliments from the bar.

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

10th October

Argentinean tango and Bulgarian folk music

Pablo Mezelani is an Argentinean musician, who teaches and conducts courses on ethnic and popular Argentinean music. He has participated in numerous shows in Argentina, Spain, France and others. In 2000, he released a CD with ensemble Balkani titled "TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF THE BALKANS", using the wide variety of traditional instruments and singing of various languages and dialects and the music of the peoples.

He has performed many intercultural music projects and now he is visiting Plovdiv with the program "Argentinean tango and Bulgarian folk music".

Trakart Cultural Center
6 pm
Entry: 6.00 lv.
Tickets on the spot before the concert at the Trakart Cultural Center

11th October

Back in Times Retro Party

Wednesday is a double party with the weekly gameday + music by Rado.

You’ll be able to play foosball, beer pong and more, while you listen to
classics as:
Village People, Boney M, ABBA, The Pointer Sisters, Gloria Gaynor, Tracy Chapman, Tina Turner, James Brown, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Wham!, Doobie Brothers,
Army Of Lovers, Jimmy Somerville, Cher, Salt N Peapa, En Vogue, The Bangles, Blondie, Joan Jet, George Harrison, The Beatles, QUEEN, The Doors, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Chumbawamba, Robbie Williams, The Rembrandts, The Monkeys, Los Lobos, Antonio Banderas, Pulp Fiction, Blur, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, House of Pain, Mc Hammer, Dr Dre,
The Fugees, Salt N Peppa, Upsurt, Wickeda, Kontrol, Milena, Poduene Blus Band, Jive Bunny, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Lousi Armstrong and many more.

No Sense
10 pm
Free entry

Penka Nikova and Ilia Zhelev - exhibition of sculpture and painting

Art Gallery Aspect presents a different exhibition with sculptures by Penka Nikova and paintings by Ilia Zhelev. They do not appear together for the first time, but this is their first joint participation in Art Gallery Aspect. Nikova and Zhelev are from the same generation. Although they work in different genres, they have a lot in common as an approach to art and modernity of expression. Their styles combine perfectly and form a complete composition without dominant strokes.

Art Gallery Aspect
6 pm

12th October

Autumn Exposition

Най-новото пространство за изкуство и култура в Пловдив, Groove – Music & art, представя своята първа изложба с названието Есенна експозиция. В нея присъстват 8 съвременни автори с различните си виждания от заобикалящия ги свят, водени от страстта на вдъхновението и изкуството да създаваш. Експозицията включва живопис, скулптура от дърво и авторска фотография.

The newest space for art and culture in Plovdiv, Groove - Music & Art presents its first exhibition called Autumn Exposition. It presents 8 contemporary artists with their different views of the surrounding world, led by the passion of inspiration and the art of creating. The exhibition includes paintings, wood sculptures and original photography.

Groove Music&Art
7 pm