This week Plovdiv is art. We'll enjoy interesting exhibitions and unique examples of French publishing

16th April

Unique examples of French publishing

From April 16th to May 11th, visit Sofia Bookshop in Kapana where you will be able to see extremely rare examples of French publishing.
During the Renaissance, in the 15th century, France was one of the largest centres of European printing.
Dimitar Baldzhiev, a French citizen of Bulgarian origin, born in Plovdiv, has dedicated his whole life to the passion to search, preserve, restore and collect editions from the initial stage of European book publishing.
From his collection containing thousands of precious specimens, he will present in the city of Plovdiv examples from the French editions, French authors and French printing works of the philosophy, history, geography, travelling, theatre, legislation and religion.
Visitors will be able to see the first edition of French Grammar in Bulgarian, published in 1869 in Vienna.

The presented books document the leading role of French culture during the Renaissance and its importance in shaping the spiritual image of Europe and the world.
Come and see, discuss and discuss the topics that interest you, because the unique in Europe's cultural life is part of our identity.

16th April– 11th May
Sofia T. Bookshop

17th April

Tuesday Hip-Hop Night

Fabric Bar provides all hip hop fans with the opportunity to hear their favorite songs.

Fabric Bar
8 pm

18th April

Valeri Tsenov - painting exhibition

Valeri Tsenov presents his solo exhibition in Plovdiv for the first time in four years. The latter was again in the Aspect Gallery in the spring of 2014 and despite his participation in general expositions during this period, his admirers are looking forward to a more complete presentation to a home audience.

This exhibition includes about 25 paintings, most of which made specifically for the space of the gallery and weren’t shown to the public. Diverse in formats and themes, the paintings give an idea of the pursuit and direction of the artist's development in recent years.

Art Gallery Aspect
6 pm

Wednesday Rock Night

Enjoy your favorite rock performers and bands. Every Wednesday in Fabric Bar will be for the fans of rock music in the company of cold beer, a wide selection of whiskeys and fresh cocktails.

Fabric Bar
7 pm


Are you tired of the dull work atmosphere, the boring everyday life, the boring musical scene? Take a dose of techno in the middle of the week, combined with the right drinks and the company of the right people. If it doesn’t help - it doesn’t hurt!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

19th April

Lilly Kyuchukova, White, painting

Lilly Kyuchukova is an artist, well known to the Bulgarian audience but also to the audience abroad, especially to the French audience. She is a desirable guest at the Bulgarian galleries and also at galleries in France, which also reward her for her art. The Dyakov Gallery has presented her several times in solo exhibitions, and is doing it this year. In the specially created collection of paintings Lilly decided to call White, we see her elegant, feminine in an inimitable way, sheer, sensitive and sensual as only she can be.

Dyakov Gallery
6 pm

Albena Valovska – RESIN ART

The artist Albena Valovska will present different ideas in fresh colors, suitable for decorations of the home, office, hotel and gift. The paintings are made of resin and natural stones.

7 pm