Whether you want to learn something new, listen to your favorite music, dance or just meet some people and have fun, this week in Plovdiv there is something for everyone

Photo credit: Charakchiewa ♐ (@wilicharakchiewa)

23rd April

Stress and cultural adaptation

The 1st Workshop for foreigners from the series: Stress and cultural adaptation in Bulgaria: How to cope better with Bulgarian national mentality and integrate in the culture :)
The workshop series will give you awareness about the Bulgarian National Psychology and Culture and ways to cope with living in Bulgaria
Working language: English language
Methodology: Group work, interactive,
Fun, but useful!
Entry to workshop 1 on 23/04: Donation

Address: Plovdiv, ul. Arda 9 a
To enroll in this workshop call: 0896 73 11 7

Organised by: Serenity - The Stress Management Center

25th April


Are you tired with the dull work atmosphere, the boring everyday life, the boring musical scene? Take a dose of techno in the middle of the week, combined with the right drinks and the company of the right people. If it doesn’t help - it doesn’t hurt!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Wednesday Rock Night

Enjoy your favorite rock musicians and bands. Every Friday night in Fabric is dedicated to rock with cold beer, a great variety of whiskey and fresh cocktails.

Fabric Bar
7 pm

26th April

Good vibes vol.03 - Soundtracks

Some fine music selection from the past 20 years of movies, tv shows and games like:

- Drive
- The girl with the dragon tattoo
- Nerve
- Tron
- Lost River
- The Neon Demon
- Ghost in the shell
- Tomb Raider
- Fight Club
- Blade II & Trinity
- John Wick

- Mr Robot
- The Get Down
- Fargo
- Girls
- Twin Peaks


... and many more selected by Denitza.

Club Fargo
8.30 pm

Painting exhibition by Dimitar Dobrev

Plovdiv Art Gallery invites you to the independent exhibition of the artist Dimitar Dobrev. The exhibition is retrospective and the author celebrates its 70th anniversary. It will last until May 13th.

Permanent Exposition "Mexican Art"
6 pm

Jazztory Billie Holiday (for Ronnie)

In the first edition of Jazztory for the unforgettable Billy Holiday, she was represented by the just so unforgettable Andronia Popova (Ronnie). Five years after that and six months after Ronnie left us, we will repeat this edition in her memory. This time the magnificent vocalist and close friend to Ronnie - Desislava Andonova - will sing. Dimitar Lyolev, Teodor Petkov, Vassil Hadzhigrudev will join her to make this evening at least as special and emotional as the first Jazztory Billy Holiday edition was.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm

Ecstatic Dance ep. 2

Why Ecstatic?

Our moto as a group is “Changing ourselves to change the world”. We believe Ecstatic dance is a way to explore, experience and expand yourself while embarking on a shared journey to the mystery of presence.

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious way of getting into deeper connection with the Soul and the Spirit within. We dance to look within, not to be looked at or to observe others. We devote our dancing to ourselves, to the sacred connection between Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

What helps us on the way is, of course, music. We dance to electronic music that is specially selected and mixed to take us on the journey of rhythm, melody and beat.

What keeps us safe are our ground rules:
1. We dance without speaking.
2. We dance barefoot to feel the connection.
3. We take no drugs, opiates or alcohol before and during the dance session.

After the dancing session we will be indulged to listen to live music performed especially for us to get us grounded. The event will be closed by a moment of sharing and connection.

All you need to do to become a part of it is follow the registration link and get registered - the event has a limit of 50 guests. Then, show up at 19:30h on 26th April 2018 at The Space Plovdiv.
Registration link: https://goo.gl/forms/nEUpuPBGlaUlhMiz1
Entrance: 8 lv with a preliminary registration; 10 lv without registration. You will pay and receive your ticket upon entrance.

You can get comfy in some clothes fit for dancing on the spot - there will be two dressing rooms that we can use. Water will be provided.

The Space Plovdiv
7.30 pm

Language Cafe - April 2018

Are you addicted to the cinema? Do you love spending the free time enjoying some new blockbuster or classic romance? Well, we have something just for you! Ladies and gentlemen, Language Café Film Fest! Prove your movies knowledge by participating in a quiz against other cinema junkies and grab awesome prices!

What can #LanguageCafe give to you:
- An opportunity to practice foreign languages with native speakers
- Many new contacts and friendships with young and energetic people
- Never-to-be-forgotten experience
- An opportunity to learn more about JCI Plovdiv and how you can become part of the positive change in our city.

Bar CRAFT Kapana
8 pm