Here are the most interesting things you can do in Plovdiv

Photo: wilicharakchiewa

30th April

Concert of Silakbo with visual installation

In 2018, we mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of the great French composer and classical musician, Olivier Messien. The program will feature his emblematic Quartet of the End of Time, written in 1940 in a prison camp where the composer was locked and premiered on January 15, 1941, in front of an audience of 400 prisoners and guards. Messien metaphorically showed through the work created to the texts of the Revelation of St. John (Apocalypse), his view of the world then - a world whose time is over. On the occasion of the anniversary and with respect to Messien, the young Canadian composer Adam Clark wrote his quartet response - the world after the metaphorical apocalypse of the terrible years of the war, the world of the new era 80 years later, seen through the eyes of a young man.

Messien's quartet gets a visual reflection in the works of the Belgian artist Lode LaPerre.

Chamber Hall Trakart
7 pm
Free entry

1st May

Work it Out Flashmob in the Tobacco City Massive Pan European Dance

At 3 pm sharp /CET/ on May 1, 2018, thousands of mainly young dancers will be transforming more than 30 industrial monuments in 10 European countries into a stage for the continental dance event ERIH Work-it-Out.

The Europe-wide dance performance celebrates the European Year of Cultural Heritage and is the main contribution of ERIH - European Route of Industrial Heritage, to this year-long celebration. ERIH is Europe’s largest tourist network and comprises hundreds of exciting industrial monuments and museums. As one of 18 European cultural institutions, ERIH will get the whole continent going with year-long, hands-on activities.

On Labour Day, Europe will be dancing amidst industrial settings – come to Plovdiv in the Tobacco City in front of SKLAD 2019 at 4 pm Bulgarian time.

The dancers will follow the rhythm of an electronic dance version of the Ode to Joy which has been arranged by the 17-year-old musicians Paul Fanger and Paul Ostarek of Paul & Friends. The choreography of Hai Truong, dance studio Groove Dance Classes, is based on the repetitive movements of former workers and it translates them into modern dance moves.

The dancers from "Millenium" dance club Plovdiv will place Bulgaria next to Norway, Sweden and the UK, Belgium, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, Spain, and Italy where ‚Work it Out‘ will transform the cultural heritage sites into places of shared experience by recreating the ancient spirit of technological progress through rhythm and imagination based on the speed and motion of historic machines.

SKLAD, 16 Ekzarh Yosif Street in the Tobacco City
4 pm

2nd May

Improve Your Self-confidence with Biz Labs Toastmasters Club

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

Join Toastmasters Club’s meeting and train YOUR self-confidence in an impromptu speaking session.
You will have the chance to get some useful examples how to use unknown circumstances to handle a situation, what's more - you will have the chance to stand up and challenge yourself by taking part in some of the examples.

Biz Labs
7 pm