Here are the most interesting events this week

Photo: Yordan Bakalski

7th May

Stress and cultural adaptation

The workshop series will give you awareness about the Bulgarian National Psychology and Culture and ways to cope with living in Bulgaria
Working language: English language
Methodology: Group work, interactive,
Fun, but useful!

9A Arda St
5.45 pm
Entry: Donation
To enroll in this workshop call: 0896 73 11 7

9th May

While I was flying - an exhibition by Stella Stefanova

"Hello, my name is Stella Stefanova. I have a degree in optoelectronics and laser technology. I have been professionally involved in the field of advertising and web programming. Drawing has always been an internal need for me until I decided to devote myself to it a few years ago. I started making wooden panels of old boards with a rich history. They were from the roof of an old and abandoned mill. Each was of its own. And together they provoked my fantasy for different compositions. I like to use a variety of materials - paper, cork, glass, clay, string, metallic elements, some I have even found thrown on the street - rusty nails, wire, and now they live a new life.
The present exhibition is the birth of an idea that rested and matured in my mind for a few years. Until I crossed the threshold of an old Plovdiv house, which houses the Labyrinth Gallery. An extremely vital place. Then I realized that it was time "While I was flying" was born. This is the story of a "cloud" described as a short film. Fluffy, light, it is casually carried by the wind. Sometimes people lose their kites in it, airplanes blow in its belly, raindrops, like swimmers, ride in the storm ... Imagine that this cloud might be you too! Come to this fairy-tale world, and do not forget to look up more often!


Labyrinth Gallery
6 pm


Are you tired of the dull work atmosphere, the boring everyday life, the boring musical scene? Take a dose of techno in the middle of the week, combined with the right drinks and the company of the right people. If it doesn’t help - it doesn’t hurt!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm