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Horrorible Sounds & Images Download Edition

Gothic Bulgaria and Horrorible Sounds & Images are again joining forces to invite you to a special trip through the horror years of cinema. Beautiful, terrible, frightening, defiant, repulsive, exciting, overwhelming - horror in the seventh art can cause a huge range of emotions.

Those who have attended previous shows at Three Eyes or Neu Berlin! in Sofia and Copa Kapana or Post-Culture Stage in Plovdiv know what to expect. For others, on the video wall, you will be able to enjoy over a thousand scenes of more than one hundred titles - some emblematic, others popular, and others almost unknown. The selection is as rich and varied, as well as stretching over six decades of genre horrors. Do you want vampires, zombies, werewolves, crazy psychopaths with chainsaws, machetes or just rivers of blood and guts? Come to one night filled with all this and more.

The supportive music will be composed of a huge dose of industrial rock and metal, and will mostly be in sync with what's on the screen.

Rock Bar Download
20th June
9 pm
Free entry

Swingin' Thursday

Every Thursday in Gingertale swing music will sound from dawn to darkness.
In the morning, we'll have coffee and we'll beat time. In the evenings we’ll have cocktails and we'll go crazy.

* Lindy Hop cocktail and Shim Sham mocktail at a special price
* Frequently passing swing mafiosos who can show you a step for a drink
* Free entry

21st June
10 am


The Gundecha Brothers are prominent representatives of the dhrupad style. They are followers of the school of Dagar, in which 19 generations of teachers now transmit the sacred knowledge of dhrupad to our day through the classical tradition of the teacher-student. In addition to the intensive training they are conducting in their Gurukula in Bhopal, India, the Gundecha Brothers also organize international workshops in Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, and Hong Kong. Their educational seminars are focused on:

- The essence of nada yoga and dhrupad;

- the relationship between them;

- the technique of singing;

- studying compositions.

They are among the most active performers of this music both in India and on the international stage. In 2012, the Indian government granted them the Padmashri title for their outstanding contribution to the downturn and Indian classical music.

House of Culture Boris Hristov
21st June
7.30 pm
Tickets at the Ticket Center (in front of Plovdiv Municipality)